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* Desks
* Desks
See also: [[Pie Assassin]];[[Character Assassin]];[[Self-Assassin]]
==See also==
* [[Pie Assassin]]
* [[Character Assassin]]
* [[Self-Assassin]]

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Monsters of Godville
Armchair Assassin
Armchair Assassin.gif
Class Humanoid
Habitat Crowded cities
Description Assassin specialized with fighting skills with the weapon armchair.

The Armchair Assassin is a type of assassin, with armchairs as their main weapon.


With armchairs, Armchair Assassins are as deadly as a skilled sniper! They have been trained with many different kinds of martial arts and specialized their fighting skills with armchairs. Heroes mustn't underestimate this kind of assassin! Be careful!

Some heroes may spot them in corners of some taverns, but usually heroes can find them near places with several armchairs. Many victims claim that these Assassins can break your bones with their Armchair-fighting skills.

Some of them may be hired by merchants to kill heroes who stole items from them with the force of their Gods. Some of them kill heroes or other citizens so that they can loot some money. But the true Assassins follow the codex of the "Rogue's Brotherhood". In the Codex it says, that everything is allowed and that the freedom is gained, when there is no ruler.

So it is known that they have tried to kill mayors of the milestone towns for some really long time.



  • Strong arms, since they're trained to lift armchairs
  • Agile/acrobatic


  • Range Strikes
  • Desks

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