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Alignment: Neutral
Date Founded: 29 September 2017 (2699 g.e.)
Forum Headquarters: Arkhein
Guild Page: Arkhein 
Data current as of 30 January 2018



Hello all, Corvus Silver here. Wow, I change this section a lot considering, huh? Well, I decided that since this seems to be the most prominent activity of our guild, we can officially be branded as an RP guild. For those of you not in the know, that stands for Role Play. Want to act out your fantasy of being a mighty god or goddess (or genderless deity, we're all-inclusive here) amongst other mighty gods and goddesses (and genderless deities)? Well, you've come to the right place!

For RP and Lore Enthusiasts

Our guild hall is actually a Dungeon created by guild founder GodCorvus Silver . It's not like the dungeons your heroes are used to exploring; the Arkhein Guild Hall is a living entity of energy, responding to the desires of the guild's members to create, move, and alter rooms to their liking! The Dungeon lives off of the energy of choices, so requesting changes is actually encouraged!

The Dungeon can be divided into two areas. Above ground, the Dungeon forms a building with aesthetic influences from Ancient Greece and 21st century mansions. Here, we entertain guests, host parties, and generally lay about and relax. Below the surface is our basement, where the Dungeon proper hosts hundreds of goblins that serve the guild as workers, butlers, soldiers, and more. All our treasures and wealth are stored in well-guarded chambers, laboratories constantly perform research on whatever the goblins decide is worth researching, and some rooms hold factories that can build just about anything!

In the future, there are plans to open a section of the Dungeon specifically for the adventuresome type of deity who wishes to experience what a hero does when they go on a dungeon dive, albeit with dangers more suitable for an all-powerful being. Stay tuned...

For Everyone

As mentioned before, our guild is open to everyone and everything! Right now the GC doesn't have much going on, but that will change as we acquire new active members! In the forum thread, you can interact with each other and guests in our guild hall. Don't forget that guild members have free reign to change the guild hall's layout to suit their wants and needs! Depending on how our membership develops, we'll be coming up with new ideas and themes for our modest guild.

In the future, expect more parties, more events, more dungeons, and more fun!

How to join

Your hero/heroine needs to be at least Level 12. Send the following voice command when he/she is idling outside of towns (i.e.: not healing, not fighting monsters, not fishing)

Join the “Arkhein” Guild


Simple rules to keep our little community running in order.

General Guild Rules

  • Keep things civil in our little community. If you need help, contact GodCorvus Silver  .

Forum Role Play Rules

The Ten Role Play Commandments

  1. Thou shalt not godmod
  2. Thou shalt not assume control of another’s character(s)
  3. Thou shalt not asspull
  4. Thou shalt not metagame
  5. Thou shalt not powerplay
  6. Thou shalt not break the existing lore
  7. Thou shalt not create or play Mary Sues, or Gary Sues
  8. Thou shalt only break the other commandments with permission from all parties involved, before the commandment is broken.
  9. Keep all content PG-13 and non-PG-13 to PMs.
  10. Abide to Godville's TOC.

Guild Council Rules

  1. All rules listed here
  2. No profanity, threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke.
  3. Do not flame, harass or insult other members.
  4. Be nice and respectful. Kindness begets kindness.
  5. Personal disputes should be settled in PMs.

Guild Symbol

Use this symbol in your motto to show guild spirit, although not mandatory.

For Kings: ♚
For Queens: ♛