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*Alignment: As Evil as possible! Punish, punish, punish!
*Alignment: As Evil as possible! Punish, punish, punish!
*Keep things civil in our little community. If you need help, contact {{god|K I A R A}} or {{god|Corvus Silver}} .
*Keep things civil in our little community. If you need help, contact {{god|Corvus Silver}} .
===Forum Role Play Rules===
===Forum Role Play Rules===

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Alignment: True Darkness
Date Founded: 29 September 2017 (2699 g.e.)
Forum Headquarters: Arkhein
Guild Page: Arkhein 
Data current as of 28 October 2017



Arkhein’s Role Play revolves around different characters going on journeys to find their place. For those who join Arkhein, that place will most likely involve being worshipped by millions of mortals as part of a pantheon, like the pantheons of the Ancient Greeks and Norse. Some will start with a few worshippers who build a kingdom in their deity’s name, others will conquer the nations of other gods (NPCs) and usurp their position and worshippers.

If grand ambitions do not interest you, feel free to jump into our RP universe and collaborate with any of our players. Send them a PM to discuss potential side stories, such as visiting their kingdom, or go on an adventure together.

Joining Arkhein

Joining the RP

You’ll have to create a character sheet. This will list features of your character such as their appearance, personality, and their abilities, both natural and divine. It is also recommended that you create a backstory about who your character is and what they’ve done before joining our story.

Once your character sheet is approved, we’ll help you decide when to jump into the RP, and you’ll be able to write your own story. Remember that collaborating with your fellow writers, especially when their own characters are involved in your story and posts, is the key to a great Role Play!

Send a PM to GodCorvus Silver  to request for a character sheet.


Non-Roleplayers are welcome to join Arkhein too. Come hang out in the gc, chat with our players or just chill out.

How to join

Your hero/heroine needs to be at least Level 12. Send the following voice command when he/she is idling outside of towns (i.e.: not healing, not fighting monsters, not fishing)

Join the “Arkhein” Guild


Simple rules to keep our little community running in order.

General Guild Rules

  • Alignment: As Evil as possible! Punish, punish, punish!
  • Keep things civil in our little community. If you need help, contact GodCorvus Silver  .

Forum Role Play Rules

The Ten Role Play Commandments

  1. Thou shalt not godmod
  2. Thou shalt not assume control of another’s character(s)
  3. Thou shalt not asspull
  4. Thou shalt not metagame
  5. Thou shalt not powerplay
  6. Thou shalt not break the existing lore
  7. Thou shalt not create or play Mary Sues, or Gary Sues
  8. Thou shalt only break the other commandments with permission from all parties involved, before the commandment is broken.
  9. Keep all content PG-13 and non-PG-13 to PMs.
  10. Abide to Godville's TOC.

Guild Council Rules

  1. All rules listed here
  2. No profanity, threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke.
  3. Do not flame, harass or insult other members.
  4. Be nice and respectful. Kindness begets kindness.
  5. Personal disputes should be settled in PMs.

Guild Symbol

Use this symbol in your motto to show guild spirit, although not mandatory.

For Kings: ♚
For Queens: ♛