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An ark can be created after getting 1000 logs of Gopher wood. Building an ark is the second of three goals heroes aim to accomplish during their lives. An ark can only be built after a hero completes their temple. Because arks are a very recent technological invention in Godville, only a few of the benefits are known to the gods.


Once a hero finishes his ark, he or she will gain the ability to store multiple pets. After receiving a god voice from his or her deity, the hero will place his or her current pet in their ark and are free to tame a new one. This ability removes the pain of separation from a pet should it be knocked out and unable to further gain pet levels.

In addition to that, ark-owning gods gain a new medal and finally become powerful enough to re-name any of the hero's pets.


Arks were introduced by the Godville Administrators on the 21st of September 2013. The first ark was completed by the hero of Kingdada on the 26th of April, 2014 (Day 1448).