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A completed ark floats in Anville

An ark can be created after getting 1000 logs of Gopher wood. Building an ark is the second of three goals heroes aim to accomplish during their lives. An ark can only be built after a hero completes their temple. Because arks are a very recent technological invention in Godville, only a few of the benefits are known to the gods.


After completing the construction of a temple, a hero will begin collecting gopher wood by finding temple offerings, collecting pieces in dungeons, completing epic quests, activating special activatable artifacts, and winning fights in the arena.

A log! A thousandth log! I’m even ready for a flood now. Not that I’m asking for it, Exalted One.

Known Benefits

Additional Pet Benefits

Once a hero finishes constructing an ark, the hero will gain the ability to store up to three pets in it. After receiving a "Put into ark" command from the deity (50% godpower), the hero will make a mental note, and will place the current pet in the ark upon return to Godville and, after that, will be free to tame a new pet. Switching a pet by the hero's side with one in the ark also costs 50% godpower. Note, if a god would like to switch a pet with one in the ark (in other words, put the current pet in the ark and take a pet from the ark out), click "In the ark" and choose the pet to switch. Do not put the current pet into the ark (50% godpower) and then remove a pet from the ark (50% godpower), well, unless a god wants to waste godpower.

Accordingly, a hero with an ark can have up to four pets (three in the ark and one at the hero's side). This ability removes the pain of separation from a pet should it be knocked out and unable to further gain pet levels.

Ark owning gods finally become powerful enough to re-name any of their hero's pets.

Additionally heroes with a completed ark find the level range to tame monsters is increased. This makes it possible to tame monsters that they would normally be either too high or too low in level to tame.

Each additional 1000 logs (+100%) will allow the hero to put an additional pet in the ark and will increase the ark's maximum health when sailing.

A New Type of Medal

In addition to storing pets, ark-owning gods gain a new medal next to their name . The Chinese character is pronounced 'zhōu' and translates as 'boat'. The date and time of ark completion appears on mouseover of the medal.

Creature Collection

Heroes with an ark can store creatures. After completing an ark, a hero starts collecting two of every kind of creature--manimals and fenimals. Manimals and fenimals can be obtained by fishing or sailing.


Arks were introduced by the Godville Administrators on the 21st of September 2013. The first ark was completed by the hero of the god GodKingdada  on the 26th of April, 2014 (Day 1448).