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Deities of Godville
Heroine [[Evangelione]]
Personality Amused
Gender Female
Blue Feather Guild

Arivelle is the seventh daughter of the house of Anarveth, which resides on the celestial plane of El-lueh. Her world is bathed in the warm, rich, golden light of endless summer, where fields of pasture and grains blow gently from an earthy scented breeze. Though a goddess from birth, she had claimed no realm to rule. Before Arivelle’s first words, her sisters had claimed the notable titles: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Flora, and Fauna and her father and mother had their own prestigious realms of War and Fertility, respectively. Each time Arivelle would find a realm she could care for, one of her sisters would quickly denounce her right to the claim.

“Aren’t the stars pretty? Could I be the Goddess of the stars?” a toddling Arivelle once asked her siblings.

“Don’t be silly, Arivelle, the stars are in the sky and you know that anything celestial is my domain”, her sister Nebith declared.

“Not so fast, Nebith,” her sister Reenam interjected, “stars burn, so they are part of my realm of fire. You are more than welcome to the empty space between them.”

Before Nebith could respond, Danae corrected her sister, “It’s hardly empty! Don’t forget the moons, planets and asteroids are terrestrial, which is part of my domain of Earth!”

The conversation would continue like this between the six older sisters, sometimes going on for hours. Arivelle once made a claim to the realm of Science and her sister’s ensuing battle was so enraging and intense that their father scolded them all and declared that if they persisted any further, the realm they were actually fighting over was his. The six older sisters blushed with shame and stopped their current bickering, but Arivelle was the only one who left the conversation changed by her father’s rebuke. She would have no more part in her sister’s territorial spats and was determined that she would keep her musings on future realms to herself.

From that time on, Arivelle’s time with her sisters dwindled and she was more likely to be found in the fields and pastures of El-lueh than in the company of her family. It would be touching to say that she was missed and that her parents and sisters began to worry about her absence, but it wouldn’t be true. In actuality they hardly noticed a difference. It wasn’t that they were cold-hearted or loveless, merely preoccupied. The vastness of their realms came at the price, demanding the full attention of each god and goddess. Their subjects cried out for personal attention, demanding more and more influence from their divine rulers and each deity faced daily struggles of investing their attention in a few grand events and leaving most of their subjects unaffected or spreading their influence widely to affect the most subjects in the subtlest, impersonal ways.

“I swear, if I did everything this so called warrior asked of me, I’d have built his castles, out-fitted his men, built his defenses and then gone ahead and smite his enemy FOR him. I’m the God of WAR, not his personal champion!”

“Is it dinner already? I...I just need to help with the seeding and then to increase some of the forest so there will be enough wood for the winter. Oh and grow more of those herbs that help with fever, maybe you should start without me.” Incara, Goddess of Flora, would say to no one in particular.

Arivelle longed for a realm of her own, it was her nature as a Goddess to crave nurturing and encouraging great works and receiving praise and gratitude in return. Though the deities ate and drank the fruits of their labours, it was the adoration of the denizens of their realms that truly gave them their sustenance. So far, the only adoration Arivelle received was from a stray dog, her regular companion on her long walks. It’s personal devotion to her was enough to keep her feeling invigorated without feeling drained in the same way her family was.

“Dog,” Arivelle had no name for her friend for as it was not created by her she felt uncomfortable giving it a name, “why can’t being a Goddess be like this instead of the constant demand my sisters and parents face? Why can’t my realm be like a walk in the field with you?”

Arivelle cherished the relationship they had; the dog was satisfied by just her company, but was grateful for any good favour she might show. He was not her constant companion, often disappearing from time to time to carry on his own business, yet he always returned to her for care and attention. He put no other master before her and she put no other subject before him.

Arivelle’s family had chosen El-lueh for their home because its unchanging days masked the sense of time passing, a sense that could weary immortals like them, but it was only the days that remained unchanged, not the inhabitants. One day in that endless summer on El-lueh, Dog died. Arivelle walked on, feeling the loss of her companion, and without his adoration her being began to wane. It was during this time of mourning that she realized how the attention of one lowly creature had been all that she needed. A plan for a realm of her own took shape. Unlike her sisters, who tried to claim the greatest and most vast territory, she would claim a single individual, someone who would spend their lives on the road, as Arivelle did, making the world they lived in a little better by their deeds.

Arivelle, worried that her sisters would fight for control of her subject as they had fought over every other realm she had tried to claim, decided that the only thing her sisters could not lay claim to was something that was made from her own form. Starting with a lock of her hair, Arivelle crafted the shape of woman using powers known only to the divine. Before giving it life, she sent her creation to a world she knew would have need of a hero, a world that would understand the relationship she would have with her worshipper. Godville would be the home of her hero and, unlike Dog, her hero would have a name; Evangelione.

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