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{{usergod | 240px
{{usergod | 240px
| avatar = Arivelle_Avatar.jpg
| avatar = Arivelle_Avatar.jpg
|heroine = [[Evangelione|Evangelione]]  
| heroine = [[Evangelione|Evangelione]]  
| gender = Female  
| gender = Female  
| personality = Amused   
| personality = Amused   
| guild = Blue Feather Guild  
| guild = Blue Feather Guild  
{| class="infobox" border="1" width="25%" style="float: right; clear: right; margin: 0 0 1em 1em;  border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px dashed #CCCCCC" width: 40em; text-align: left; font-size: 90%;" cellspacing="2"
| style="font-size: 110%;" align="center" colspan="11" | '''Aliases'''
| '''Goddess names''' || Airevelle, Ellevira, Mostly-harmless, Lady Da
| '''Champions''' || [[Paranthelion|Paranthelion]], Enoilegnave, Slightly-dangerous, Sir Osis

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Deities of Godville
Heroine [[Evangelione]]
Personality Amused
Gender Female
Blue Feather Guild

Goddess names Airevelle, Ellevira, Mostly-harmless, Lady Da
Champions Paranthelion, Enoilegnave, Slightly-dangerous, Sir Osis


Arivelle is the seventh daughter of the house of Anarveth, which resides on the celestial plane of El-lueh. Her world is bathed in the warm, rich, golden light of endless summer, where fields of pasture and grains blow gently from an earthy scented breeze. Though a goddess from birth, she had claimed no realm to rule. Before Arivelle’s first words, her sisters had claimed the notable titles: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Flora, and Fauna and her father and mother had their own prestigious realms of War and Fertility, respectively. Each time Arivelle would find a realm she could care for, one of her sisters would quickly denounce her right to the claim.

“Aren’t the stars pretty? Could I be the Goddess of the stars?” a toddling Arivelle once asked her siblings.

“Don’t be silly, Arivelle, the stars are in the sky and you know that anything celestial is my domain”, her sister Nebith declared.

“Not so fast, Nebith,” her sister Reenam interjected, “stars burn, so they are part of my realm of fire. You are more than welcome to the empty space between them.”

Before Nebith could respond, Danae corrected her sister, “It’s hardly empty! Don’t forget the moons, planets and asteroids are terrestrial, which is part of my domain of Earth!”

The conversation would continue like this between the six older sisters, sometimes going on for hours. Arivelle once made a claim to the realm of Science and her sister’s ensuing battle was so enraging and intense that their father scolded them all and declared that if they persisted any further, the realm they were actually fighting over was his. The six older sisters blushed with shame and stopped their current bickering, but Arivelle was the only one who left the conversation changed by her father’s rebuke. She would have no more part in her sister’s territorial spats and was determined that she would keep her musings on future realms to herself.

From that time on, Arivelle’s time with her sisters dwindled and she was more likely to be found in the fields and pastures of El-lueh than in the company of her family. It would be touching to say that she was missed and that her parents and sisters began to worry about her absence, but it wouldn’t be true. In actuality they hardly noticed a difference. It wasn’t that they were cold-hearted or loveless, merely preoccupied. The vastness of their realms came at the price, demanding the full attention of each god and goddess. Their subjects cried out for personal attention, demanding more and more influence from their divine rulers and each deity faced daily struggles of investing their attention in a few grand events and leaving most of their subjects unaffected or spreading their influence widely to affect the most subjects in the subtlest, impersonal ways.

“I swear, if I did everything this so called warrior asked of me, I’d have built his castles, out-fitted his men, built his defenses and then gone ahead and smite his enemy FOR him. I’m the God of WAR, not his personal champion!”

“Is it dinner already? I...I just need to help with the seeding and then to increase some of the forest so there will be enough wood for the winter. Oh and grow more of those herbs that help with fever, maybe you should start without me.” Incara, Goddess of Flora, would say to no one in particular.

Arivelle longed for a realm of her own, it was her nature as a Goddess to crave nurturing and encouraging great works and receiving praise and gratitude in return. Though the deities ate and drank the fruits of their labours, it was the adoration of the denizens of their realms that truly gave them their sustenance. So far, the only adoration Arivelle received was from a stray dog, her regular companion on her long walks. It’s personal devotion to her was enough to keep her feeling invigorated without feeling drained in the same way her family was.

“Dog,” Arivelle had no name for her friend for as it was not created by her she felt uncomfortable giving it a name, “why can’t being a Goddess be like this instead of the constant demand my sisters and parents face? Why can’t my realm be like a walk in the field with you?”

Arivelle cherished the relationship they had; the dog was satisfied by just her company, but was grateful for any good favour she might show. He was not her constant companion, often disappearing from time to time to carry on his own business, yet he always returned to her for care and attention. He put no other master before her and she put no other subject before him.

Arivelle’s family had chosen El-lueh for their home because its unchanging days masked the sense of time passing, a sense that could weary immortals like them, but it was only the days that remained unchanged, not the inhabitants. One day in that endless summer on El-lueh, Dog died. Arivelle walked on, feeling the loss of her companion, and without his adoration her being began to wane. It was during this time of mourning that she realized how the attention of one lowly creature had been all that she needed. A plan for a realm of her own took shape. Unlike her sisters, who tried to claim the greatest and most vast territory, she would claim a single individual, someone who would spend their lives on the road, as Arivelle did, making the world they lived in a little better by their deeds.

Arivelle, worried that her sisters would fight for control of her subject as they had fought over every other realm she had tried to claim, decided that the only thing her sisters could not lay claim to was something that was made from her own form. Starting with a lock of her hair, Arivelle crafted the shape of woman using powers known only to the divine. Before giving it life, she sent her creation to a world she knew would have need of a hero, a world that would understand the relationship she would have with her worshipper. Godville would be the home of her hero and, unlike Dog, her hero would have a name; Evangelione.

The Road Trip

Featuring GodAmanda83 , GodArivelle , GodUrsina , and GodZenaroth 

This story began in the Blue Feather Guild Chat and the first chapter was largely written by the participants, embellished as a story by Arivelle, and posted in the Blue Feather forum thread. The subsequent chapters were written by Arivelle with permission from the participants and were posted to the respective threads of the guilds mentioned. For convenience the whole story has been re-captured here, but the original entries can be found by following the included links.

Chapter 1: Embarking for Adventure

Original Post

In the front hall of the Blue Feather Guild mansion, Ursina was listening to Arivelle ranting about the latest incident of her heroine, Evangelione, destroying valuable artifacts when Zenaroth snuck in through a secret door, throws Ursina over his shoulder, and began to head for the main door.

“Where are we going?” Ursina asks excitedly, anticipating the start of an adventure.

“It’s a surprise!” Zenaroth responds.

Arivelle, thinking quickly, reaches into a hidden pocket to reveal a party hat and a yo-yo. Grabbing a French horn from one of the wall decorations, she hands them to Ursina. “I’m not sure where you are going, but you should at least be prepared”, she advises Ursina.

“Yay! Thanks!” Ursina replies. She dons the party hat, places the yo-yo into her pocket and tucks the French horn under an arm. Zenaroth passes Ursina a cake and a set of keys. Ursina tucks the boxed cake under her other arm and looks quizzically at the keys.

“It’s for the Cadillac”, Zenaroth explains as he opens the main door.

The chrome of the cherry red Cadillac gleamed in the sun streaming through the trees in front of the Blue Feather guild hall. With its top down, the immaculate cream interior was both awesome and inviting.

“I love Cadillacs! Are we going on a road trip?” she asks before realizing she’s the one holding the keys and this is her adventure she’s embarking on. “Who’s coming with me?” she invites. Zenaroth hops into the passenger side back seat while Arivelle covers her hair with a scarf before gracefully occupying the driver’s side back seat.

“What’s the scarf for?” Zenaroth asks.

“I’m fairly certain Ursina’s driving will be wild and I never could rock the windswept look.” Arivelle responds.

“I call shot gun!” Amanda83 calls from the guild hall door as she runs down the front steps and claims the passenger seat.

Zenaroth reaches into the truck through an access door in the back seat and brings out some exquisite chocolate bars for everyone to enjoy on the ride. “If anyone is interested in Greek cuisine, I have some Baklava stashed in there too.”

Ursina, seeing her passengers are settled, slides into the driver’s seat, placing the French horn and boxed cake on the seat between her and Amanda83. Ursina starts the car. The engine turns over immediately and from the torque on the frame and sweet rumble of the engine, all four adventurers understand that this is no ordinary Cadillac. Arivelle tightens her scarf as Ursina’s smile grows larger and ever more roguish.

“Where do we want to go?” Ursina asks.

“I hear Azzageddi joined AMCW four years ago today…” Amanda83 offers, looking at the cake in the box and party hat on Ursina’s head.

Ursina gives a brief nod before revving the engine and peeling out of the Blue Feather parking lot. Residents of guild hall peer out their windows at the uncharacteristic noise and hear, just as the car careens onto the main road, the four adventurers exclaim “ROAD TRIP!”

Chapter 2: The Watch

Original Post

Hurtling down the main road in the general direction of the headquarters of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch is the rumbling cherry red Cadillac which had left the Blue Feather Guild property not so long ago.

“It’s up here on the left,” Amanda83 attempts to navigate for Ursina. “No! Your other left!” Amanda83 exclaims.

Ursina, expertly exits her right turn and begins a sharp left turn to make the corner heading towards AMCW. The whooping sound of Arivelle and Zenaroth, who are enjoying the roller coaster of a ride, startles several talking donkeys harnessed in front of The Bar. After drifting sideways for several feet, the car comes to an abrupt halt, perfectly parallel parked adjacent to the famous and much loved AMCW Bar.

“We are on a tight schedule, after all I have a Blue Feather tournament to run, so we are just stopping by to send our regards and cake to Azzageddi for his 4th year in AMCW and then we’ll need to leave.” Ursina tells her passengers before they get out of the vehicle.

Amanda83 looks at Ursina forlornly, “Okay, and a hug from Sasha and Pasha if they are around.” Ursina relents.

Zenaroth, looks at Ursina forlornly. “Okay, and if Sasha and Pasha are around you grab a non-alcoholic drink for the road, just don’t spill on the interior. I can only imagine how hard it is to clean cream leather.” Ursina remarks.

Arivelle looks at Ursina forlornly. “Fine. And bathroom breaks!” she said, exasperated, but moments later was as excited to race into The Bar as her road trip guests.

The four Blue Feather guild members enter The Bar, but three don’t make it further than the entrance. While Amanda83 was already familiar with the grandeur of the AMCW Bar from various times she snuck in, the other three had never visited before.

“It’s a bar…” Zenaroth’s voice fails him.

“No, it’s the temple of BARS”, was Arivelle’s abysmal offering as a description for the splendor.

“It’s better if you come in and actually sit at the bar.” Amanda83 chuckles fondly at her novice guild members. Eventually the three gawking visitors make their way inside and up to the bar to join Amanda83. “I’m sure Azzageddi or Sasha and Pasha will be here shortly and we can get our hugs, our drinks and refreshed before returning to the road.” Amanda83 said, as she looked around the bar for the tell-a-tail signs of the bunny bartenders.

Suddenly Arivelle’s shy streak gets the best of her and she’s not sure she can handle meeting the illustrious members of the AMCW. With a little “eep” she jots a “happy 4th guild year, Azzageddi!” on the cake box using one of the pens stored in the many pockets of her dress and hangs Ursina’s party hat on one of the tall handled bar taps. “We should really get moving, I hear the Knights who Say Ni have this pretty cool square table and I’d like to get my photo with it as it makes me a sandwich.” Seeing that Zenaroth, Ursina and Amanda83 were still inquisitively eyeing the assortment of liquors and confections behind the bar, Arivelle begins to shoo them towards the entrance and the Cadillac waiting outside. ”Remember that baklava Zenaroth described before we left? I’m sure we should have some on our way over.” she said as she shuffled the others along and out the door.

Resuming their places in the car, Ursina starts the Cadillac and the familiar rumbling rekindles the adventurers’ desire to hit the road. With a final “Whoop” the Blue Feathers head off to their next rendezvous.

Chapter 3: Land of Ni

Original Post

A chrome and cherry red convertible comes to an abrupt stop and, as the engine’s rumbling sound diminishes to an idle, a commotion can be heard from the occupants inside.

“You were supposed to turn left onto Ni Way, then a right onto Ni Boulevard, which eventually goes over the Ni Bridge on the way to Ni Lane” Arivelle explains from the back seat. “I told you that just after we left the AMCW Bar.”

“I thought it was right on Ni Drive.” Zenaroth interjects

“What ? You mean instead of left on Ni Way or right on Ni Boulevard?” Arivelle asks as she hauls out the map for what seems like the hundredth time since they crossed into the land of the Knights who say Ni. “What street are we on right now?”

In unison, Amanda83 answers “Ni Avenue” while Ursina answers “Ni Road”.

“Oh this is hopeless. I told you we should have asked for better directions from those French guys in the castle we passed. I’m sure that Vache person they were fetching could have guided us there.” Arivelle laments.

Zenaroth, the tallest of the group, stands up in the back seat in order to peer over the brush on either side of the road. He spies in the distance the turrets of a castle that could have been stolen directly from an Arthurian legend. “I think it’s over that way,” Zenaroth said, as he points in the direction of the castle.

Ursina turns the car around and takes the first road that heads in the direction of the castle. In very little time, possibly due to Ursina driving at full throttle, the whole group can see the topiary garden animals lining the lane leading to the castle. Ursina steers the car into the expansive driveway and parks.

“I’m glad we made it, I’m starving. I feel like we’ve been driving around the countryside for days.” Arivelle remarks.

“I think we are all starving.” Ursina adds.

“Then we’ve definitely come to the right place. The Knights who say Ni have a table that provides whatever food or beverage you could wish for, no matter how strange.” informs Amanda. At that promise, the group of hungry travellers cross the bridge over the moat and enter via the main door.

“I’m pretty sure the table is this way.” Amanda83 heads through the main hall and down a corridor on the left. “I’m a little surprised no one is around at the moment. The knights usually have excellent hospitality and put on some amazing tea parties.”

At that moment, Ursina remembers the tea party they had left at Blue Feather headquarters and that Komi, Ursina’s bear, was left precariously sitting on a dainty chair waiting for someone to pour. She smiles at the image, amused, but not concerned. Komi is a sweetheart, even if she is large, and will be fine if left on her own for a while. She was about to mention it to Arivelle when she became distracted. “Is it just me or does it smell a bit like herring?” Ursina wonders out loud.

“Found it!” Amanda83 calls out to the group.

Rounding the corner, the foursome enter a large room with a massive square table in the centre.

“That’s definitely a table, but I was expecting something, I don’t know…round?” Zenaroth remarks

“How does it work?” Arivelle asks.

“Well, I’ve never tried it myself,” Amanda83 explains, “but I think you have a seat and then think about what you want to eat.”

Hunger, getting the best of the novices’ manners, Ursina, Arivelle and Zenaroth crowd the table at the same time, trying to get their order in as fast as possible.

“I want a steak, blue rare, with roast potatoes and asparagus. No, wait, that will take too long to eat. Make that a hamburger, lettuce, a few onions, pickles and… bacon. Oh shoot, now I want bacon, chicken and avocado on a toasted bagel and something to drink…” Arivelle orders

“I want an ahi tuna salad, dressing on the side, garlic bread, and…Oh forget the salad part, make that maguro nigiri, sake sushi, some California rolls, and green tea to drink…Um, do I want some toro nigiri as well, or edamame, or both?” Ursina ponders.

“Oh, I’m so hungry I can’t decide. I want one of almost everything!” Zenaroth said.

At that moment, the crew hear a horrible cracking noise and four sets of eyes begin to nervously scan the room and each other for the source of the sound.

“You broke it!” Arivelle accuses Zenaroth

“I broke it? You two couldn’t make up your minds either, maybe you broke it.” Zenaroth accuses in return.

“Now, now,” Amanda83 attempts to reassure the panicking diners, “it’s a magic table and I’m sure none of you caused it any real damage. Castles make noise it was probably just the beams settling or something.” Her words momentarily reassured her party, but unfortunately she leaned against a hexagonal non-ivory table as she ended her speech. The room was suddenly bathed in a red light while smoke began to billow in. Focused beams of light began to spin and illuminate the room. Suddenly, an amplified whistle can be heard and its rhythmic repetition causes all four people to panic.

“We broke their table and set off an alarm!” Ursina hollers as she races for the door. The three other travellers are following close behind her. They run through the halls, making their way back to the front door and into the car.

“We can’t just leave them with a broken table.” Arivelle, comments, now a little more calm after finding no one has chased them out of the building.

“I’m sure we didn’t break their table,” Amanda83 reiterates.

Ursina’s face lights up with an idea. Grabbing the French horn from the front seat she bravely walks back up the steps, into the main hall. Using her sleeve, she polishes the plate identifying it as property of the Blue Feather Guild and leaves the horn on one of the tables. She hears the whistling in the distance and her remaining courage begins to fail. She scrambles back to the car, starts the engine and peals out of the driveway.

“There, if we didn’t break their table, at least they’ll have our guild horn to know we stopped by. If we did break their table, they’ll know where to send the bill.” Ursina explains when the castle is finally out of sight.

“Did anyone else think that alarm system was more like the lighting and sound for a rave than an alarm?” Zenaroth asks from the back seat, but no one hears over the sound of the car’s engine.

The travellers, a little shaken over their visit to the Knights who say Ni, were much more interested in getting away from where they had been instead of paying attention to where they were going. As a consequence, none of them noticed when they made the turn off onto Asylum road.

Chapter 4: The Asylum

Original Post

The Cadillac, which had previously been driven with wild abandon from the Blue Feather guild hall, AMCW Bar, and Castle of the Knights who say Ni, was now inching along the forgotten streets of Godville. The occupants were scanning the derelict or circumspect buildings on either side with a mixture of interest and anxiousness.

“Does anyone see a phone? Or a building that might have a phone?” Ursina asks her passengers. “I need to call in a reminder to the guild hall about the final duel for the juniors in the Blue Feather tournament.”

“Some of these buildings are so old, I’m not sure they ever had phones.” Arivelle comments while ogling a particularly ancient looking ruin.

“What is this place?” Zenaroth asks Amanda83.

“I’m not entirely sure. It’s clearly old, but at the same time it hasn’t been on the Godville Map until very recently. I think this might be where all the old temples and partial temples of heroes who have been abandoned by their gods reside. It’s all the stories that were written, but have stopped being remembered.” Amanda83 offers as an explanation.

The four travellers travel on in silence for a little while, each thinking about the history enclosed in those ruins and the heroes, heroines, gods and goddesses that had built them. Each brought out their Godville interface and sent their worshippers, Ursinald, Adelia, Evangelione, and Rovi a few encourages before they resumed their search for a working phone.

“What about that one?” Arivelle points towards a large and looming building, last on a dead end street.

“Geez, it gives me the creeps just looking at it. Are… are those gargoyles on the top?” Ursina asks.

“I hope so, otherwise they have some very large bats in their belfry” Arivelle answers.

“Well, it’s the most occupied-looking building we’ve seen in a long time and I think I see some intact phone lines connected to it, so it’s the best bet we have so far for that phone.” Zenaroth observes.

As the Cadillac approaches, the building loses nothing of its imposing and daunting atmosphere. If anything, the occupants are even more afraid of the building than they were moments before. Ursina stops the car in front of the long walk to the main door.

Arivelle gasps, “Did you see that? I think I saw something staring at us from that window! Oh, it’s gone now. I think I felt better when I could see what was staring at me.”

“Okay, Ursina, you can go knock on the door and ask whoever is inside if you can use their phone.” Amanda83 suggests, cheerfully.

“Me? Just me? Aren’t you coming with me?” Ursina asks, a little shaken.

The other occupants suddenly find other parts of the car to be deserving of their full attention and none meet Ursina’s gaze.

“Need I remind you that I’m driving and where I go, the keys go with me?” Ursina announces.

“Well, then I guess we’re going to visit…” Zenaroth squints to read the sign near the main door, “The Asylum. Oh dear, that isn’t very reassuring, is it?”

In a tight huddle, the travellers work their way towards the main door and after a few games of odds and evens, Zenaroth is selected to do the actual knocking. He lifts the knocker and lets go. The sound that echoed through the building seemed too loud for such a silent place. The group remain on the front step, more from paralysis than because they were waiting for someone to answer.

“I… I don’t think anyone is coming, we should go.” Arivelle chickens out first.

“I need to use that phone,” Ursina laments, “we should try the door.”

After another round of odds and evens, Amanda83 is selected to try the door and despite having a key code access and suggestion of a complex locking system, finds it unlocked.

“Do you… Do you think that’s because they aren’t trying to keep people out, but rather to keep them in?” Arivelle asks, now trembling a little.

“I don’t know, but just to be on the safe side I’m going to stay here by the door to make sure we aren’t locked in.” Zenaroth offers.

The rest of the group nods that this is a good idea as they enter the foyer. Emboldened by Zenaroth’s courage to separate from the group, they split up to scour the rooms adjacent to the foyer, looking for the phone that will allow them to make a call and then exit the building.

Amanda83 walks into a room that looks like a waiting room. There are chairs in rows and coffee tables with strange and antiquated magazines on top. She can’t spy a phone anywhere, but there is an intercom box on one of the tables. She approaches the intercom and turns it on. In a tinny intercom sound she hears Napoleon XIV – They’re Coming To Take Me Away.

Arivelle finds her way into a shipping and receiving area, or at least that’s what it looks like because it’s filled with empty cardboard boxes, different coloured smelly markers, and rolls and rolls of bubble wrap. “What on earth could they be shipping?” she wonders to herself as she caresses the oh-so-tempting-to-pop bubble wrap.

Ursina manages to find what looks like a visiting room. The walls are padded and the tables and chairs are completely upholstered with bubble wrap. On one wall she sees a rack marked “Jackets” and adjacent to it another rack marked “Straight Jackets”. On the opposite wall she sees a bank of pay phones. “Oh thank goodness, I’m not sure how much more time I can spend in here without going crazy.” she says out loud to herself. “Oh dear, now I’m talking to myself. I need to make that phone call!” Ursina lifts one of the receivers and hears a lady’s voice indicating that calls to guilds outside the Asylum from the visitor room outside regular visiting hours require a small fee to connect. Ursina hangs up the receiver and begins to dig through a bubble wrapped couch. “Oh please, oh please let there be a coin available!” Ursina, is fortunate and finds some change, as well as a lollipop and free show coupon. She uses the coins to make her call…

She looks at the free show coupon and wonders if any of the occupants residing in the Asylum would ever be able to make much use of it. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out the yo-yo Arivelle gave her at the start of the trip. “I’m sure this will find more use with the Asylum occupants than a single free show coupon.” With that, she leaves the yo-yo and lollipop on one of the tables and heads back to the foyer where she finds Arivelle and Amanda83 already back from their searches and hanging around Zenaroth who is still keeping the door from swinging shut. They all look at her with hopeful expressions that they might be able to leave.

Ursina gives the good news, “I found one! Let’s get out of here!”

The travellers nearly trip over themselves trying to get down the walk and back into their car.

Ursina starts the car, revs the engine and follows a sign reading “This way to somewhere”.

“Where are we going now?” Arivelle asks.

“I suddenly have an urge to catch a show at the theatre.” Ursina responds.

The Cadillac speeds out of sight towards the more populated theatre district of Godville, leaving the Asylum and its occupants behind, but not forgotten.

Chapter 5: The Theatre

Original Post

The chrome and cherry red Cadillac no longer glinted in the sun as it had when it left the Blue Feather Guild hall. Although it had still been quite clean when it left the AMCW Bar, it had travelled down many gravel roads while lost in the land of the Knights who say Ni and the occupants couldn’t find a car wash near the Asylum that didn’t look like the set for a horror movie. Now, its continued condition wasn’t so much a matter of location, but one of time. The Blue Feathers and their luxurious, well travelled car were on a schedule, a strict one.

“Ursina, I don’t think we have time for a show. We’ve been hearing the ads for the Blue Feather Junior Duelers Tournament Final on our radio all morning and if we aren’t back by 3pm EST we are going to miss it!” Arivelle implored.

“I’ve already picked out the name of the tribble I get for attending and the 12+ tribbles that I’ll have by the end of the day!” Zenaroth added to the argument.

“I know! I know! We are going to be back in time, I promise. I’ve already called in a few times and the duelers are setting up for their own event. All I want is to see is the Blue Feather balcony and catch a show before we head home for the duel. It’ll be quick, I promise!” Ursina retorts.

Doubtful, but too eager to visit the theatre to make any more arguments, Ursina, Zenaroth, Amanda83, and Arivelle, get out of the car and head towards the box office.

Amanda83 has a look at the playbill for this week and informs the group, “the main event today is the finale to Infinitecircle’s series The University. Except, it’s sold out and has already started.”

“Phew! I’ve been catching the series on Netflicks and I’ve only seen up to Part 5! I don’t want to spoil it by skipping ahead to the ending.” Arivelle said, relieved. “Are there any extended showings available that are playing right now?”

“Hang on, I’ll see,” Amanda83 scans the various playbills, “looks like they have a recorded version of… Gone with the Blissful 1, Katie Scarlett… playing in one of the wings. We won’t be able to sit in the Blue Feather balcony, but we do get to see a great Awesome God Friday tribute to a longtime Blue Feather Guild member and Sowing Sun writer. There’s even a brief scene with yours truly.” she smiles. “How does that sound?” she asks.

Without hesitation, Ursina places her free show coupon in the slot in the automated ticket agent, followed swiftly by the coins of Arivelle, Zenaroth, and Amanda83. The group follow Amanda83 through the wide corridors of the main theatre where they can hear the muffled sounds of the latest play showing before a sold-out show. They head down a narrower corridor towards the back where some of the recorded shows still play. The foursome enter one of the rooms and take their seats just as the curtain rises and the lights dim.

As the tribute played, the four adventurers laughed, aww’d, and some got a little teary-eyed in certain parts. When Amanda83 came on the screen, the group gave her the biggest smiles and gestured a toast in her direction. For the three novices, many of the voices in the tribute and the events they remarked on were previously unknown, but they could still appreciate the warmth and caring of those that participated. Amanda83, on the other hand, was filled with a profound sense of nostalgia. Even though several of the participants in the tribute were still very much around and still in touch, she couldn’t help feeling transported to that moment in time years before when all the voices were active and all the events were new.

As the curtain lowered and the lights resumed, the travellers arose, stretched, and followed the lights in the floor to the exit in the corner. Exiting the theatre, they made their way through the parking lot towards the Cadillac that had been their home throughout their adventure.

Ursina looks at her watch, “See! Plenty of time to make it back to Blue Feather for the tournament.”

“I hope no one’s made too much of a mess of the kitchen; I’d like to eat before we get to the arena. Concession food is such a rip off.” Zenaroth said, while rubbing his belly.

“Hey! I’m using some of the concession proceeds to fund the tournament.” Ursina pouts.

“…Er, well I’m going to buy something, for sure, I just don’t want to buy a lot of somethings…” Zenaroth retracts out loud while shaking his head at Arivelle outside Ursina’s line of sight.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to be home. I love the road, and I’ve had an amazing trip with you three, but I’m missing the Guild Hall like crazy.” Arivelle said.

Ursina pipes up “Me too, I haven’t seen Komi in too long. Amanda83, how about you? You’ve been quiet since we left the theatre. Are you ready to head home?”

Amanda83, who had been deep in thought through much of the banter of the group on the way to the car, came back to the present with the mention of ‘home’. She looked at the faces of her travelling companions, smiled, and hugged the whole group as best as she could. Ursina looked a little startled, Zenaroth looked awkward, and Arivelle, who wasn’t standing next to Amanda83 and missed the full impact of the hug looked a little left out, but all only looked that way for a moment. Before anyone could catch them and each deciding internally that they would deny everything if it should ever come up, the three hugged Amanda83 and each other back.

Knowing exactly where the next stop would be, the group hopped into their familiar places in the Cadillac. Ursina started the car and began to head home.

Chapter 6: The Finale

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The Cadillac had been driven furiously many times during its trip, but on this last leg Ursina had coaxed it to new highs. Arivelle had lost her hair scarf to the intense wind caused by the break neck speed and Zenaroth was doing everything he could to keep any items in the car that weren’t strapped down from becoming airborne and being scattered during their journey back to the Guild Hall. Though the ride was harrowing, the passengers were just as eager to get home as Ursina was and no one was protesting. Ursina flew the car the last several miles and landed in front of the Blue Feather Guild Hall.

“Did we make it? Is there time to catch the tourney?” Arivelle asks from the back seat.

“Of course we made it, what sort of duel host would I be if we didn’t make it back in time?” Ursina answers.

“FOOD!” Zenaroth shouts as he leaps out of the car and towards, what one could only guess would be the kitchen and hopefully Sarika or her brownies inside.

Amanda83 gracefully exits the vehicle, but takes a few moments while standing to let the world stop spinning for a bit. “Ursina, Arivelle, I had an amazing time and if you ever want to go on another road trip and have room for a passenger, let me know. Right now, I have to go freshen up a bit. Save me a seat at the arena?” she asks.

Ursina and Arivelle both nod emphatically while realizing that they could both use some freshening up as well. Arivelle’s hair had blown out and tangled making her look a bit like the Bride of Frankenstein and Ursina, though short, wasn’t spared from the turbulence of their last ride and somehow looked more feral than her usual self.

“What do we do with the Cadillac?” Arivelle asks Ursina.

“I’m not really sure where Zenaroth got it from. I forgot to ask.” she wonders. “I think I’m going to park it in the Guild garage and put the top up, in case one of Sarika’s storms hits in there and keep the keys for myself. You never know when a second road trip will come a calling.” Ursina said, as she pockets the keys. “Arivelle, how did you know we’d need a party hat, yo-yo, and French horn before we left?”

Arivelle takes a moment to think about it. “I didn’t, it just seemed like the right thing to grab at the time. I had my doubts about the French horn for a while, but it worked in the end. I wonder if the Knights who say Ni got our message?”

Ursina shrugs. “I’m sure we’ll find out once we go inside. Feel free to go in without me, I need to finish up with the Cadillac.”

Arivelle makes her up the front stairs and in through the main doors of the Guild Hall. She’s already thinking how to retell the whole story to her guildmates over their celebrations tonight for the end of the junior tournament. “First, I’ll tell them how the whole trip got started at the Blue Feather Guild Hall and they are all going to want to know about the AMCW Bar where we wished Azzageddi a happy 4th guildiversary. I can’t leave out our antics getting lost in the Land of Ni or using the Knights who say Ni’s table. Maybe I’ll leave our trip to the eerie Asylum for a dark and stormy night. Oh, and we should tell everyone about our experience at the Sowing Sun theatre and that in addition to great plays, there are some Awesome God Friday tributes worth a look see. What a trip!”

The adventure over, Arivelle, Ursina, Amanda83, Zenaroth, and the Cadillac head their separate ways inside the Guild Property they all call home, at least until the next adventure.

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