Arctic Monkey

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Monsters of Godville
Arctic Monkey
Frigus simia
Class Simian
Habitat Tundras and other arctic environments
Totem for army of the 12 monkeys ⚜️ 
Description A grayish monkey the size of a silverback gorilla.

The Arctic Monkey (Frigus simia) is a rare monster that likes to listen to indie rock. It is a big, grayish monkey that lives in cold climates, and is found in places such as Trollbridge. It won't attack unless aggravated, but it's normal state is generally aggression, thus almost always attacks Heroes it comes across. In fights, it is known to throw snowballs and cause avalanches. There is speculation that it is fond of gummy bears, but this has not yet proved to be true.



  • Immunity to cold
  • Snowballs and snow fortresses
  • Is capable of immobilizing heroes by singing snatches of indie rock songs
  • May suddenly switch fighting techniques in the middle of battle


  • Fire attacks
  • Beatboxing attacks
  • Unable to keep a constant style
  • Gummy bears (not yet proved)