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"We are the ArchAngel sent from the heaven to protect the godville citizen.ZXLegionXZ is the leader of all the warriors that was sent from heaven with his 11 comrades their names are Revolutionz,Heavenz,Holyheart,ZXDeathangelXZ,ZXDemonhunterXZ,ZXDarknessXZ,ZXLuciferXZ,Diaboloz,ZXDoomXZ,ZXChaosXZ and ZXHadesXZ.Together they gonna protect everyone that need their help and gonna restore the peace of Godville.Test"

Image of hardworking ArchAngel member on duty

Or so said the ancient tablets left behind by the guild founders, leaving the current members to look from one another, shrug and go about their lives.

You see, no one really knows if the founders really were angelic warriors sent down from the heaven or not. Certainly the current founders do seem to enjoy wandering around town wearing cheap dress-up wings and shedding feathers everywhere as they flap their arms up and down trying to get some lift off the ground. And such an amusing activity along with being legally allowed to repeat the founders words of wisdom does seem to attract members...or, that is, keep them and the guild at a reasonable size...and well ok, it's that or the complementary soap basket you get upon joining.

mmm, cinnamon and rose scented...lovely...

So join ArchAngel, we're sure you won't regret it. Caw caw!