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"We are the ArchAngel sent from the heavens to protect the godville citizens. ZXLegionXZ is the leader of all the warriors that was sent from heavens with his 11 comrades their names are Revolutionz, Heavenz, Holyheart, ZXDeathangelXZ, ZXDemonhunterXZ ,ZXDarknessXZ ,ZXLuciferXZ, Diaboloz, ZXDoomXZ, ZXChaosXZ and ZXHadesXZ. Together they gonna protect everyone that need their help and gonna restore the peace of Godville."

Image of hardworking ArchAngel member on duty

So say the ancient tablets left behind by the guild founders, leaving the current members to look from one another, shrug and go on with their lives.

You see, no one really knows if the founders really were angelic warriors sent down from the heavens or not. Certainly the current members seem to enjoy wandering around town wearing cheap dress-up wings and shedding feathers everywhere as they flap their arms up and down trying to get some lift off the ground. And such an amusing activity along with being legally allowed to recite the founders words of wisdom does seem to attract members...or, that is, keep them and the guild at a reasonable size and...well ok, it's that or the complementary soap basket you get upon joining.

mmm, cinnamon and rose scented...lovely...

So join ArchAngel, we're sure you won't regret it. Caw caw!


As mentioned before, ArchAngel knows very little of their own history beyond the words shown above from the 'ancient tablets' left behind by their founder. This doesn't stop members from mindlessly and loudly boasting of their heavenly origins to non-members in the hopes of coercing new people to join... and having a bizarre fascination with all things bird-like.

Guild Headquarters

Totally legit picture of the guild

Reserved for only the most loyal of guild members, the Arch Angel guild is a paradise on Earth. New and/or potential ArchAngel recruits in need of encouragement during initiation are given postcards displaying the image of the illustrious ArchAngel guild hall. Bitter rival guilds like to claim that the hall is really a leaky cardboard box found in whichever town the guild currently has the most influence in. Which, even if that were true, would only be a temporary solution anyway until the ArchAngel Guild finally had enough saved for their dream headquarters because they're working really hard but the real estate market just isn't what it used to be... Ahem. But they do, and it does exist so there!

Memorable Members

Although the original members have fled for reasons that are not to be spoken about except in very hushed tones, there are several current ArchAngelians that deserve recognition. That is to say, the ones who you'll find in the Guild Chat who also allowed themselves to be subjected to public record (possibly, I've not confirmed yet):

GodRegality : Is probably going to be guild leader.

GodIOPTIMUS : Is probably not going to be guild leader even though they could have been.

GodNeressa : Their editing of the guild wiki page ruins my masterpiece.

GodLord of The Zodiac : Wants to marry chocolate.

Memorable quote: "@Regality you have my vote if you legalize the marriage of God and chocolate"

GodBaronNumNums : Self appointed guild jester who may or may not have been largely responsible for the jump in the guild wikis content, not necessarily in terms of quality but certainly in quantity.

GodLateria : Got no clue why he actually is allowed to endure the greatness of the guild, is happy nevertheless. (Free hugs)

GodTheDemonCow : I lied, they're never on the chat I just really like their username.

How to Join

ArchAngel members have a very unique method of joining which requires a god send the command Join "ArchAngel" guild or if that doesn't work Enroll in "ArchAngel" guild. If neither works I'm afraid you are just simply not worthy to bask in our greatness.