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| domain = Tempest; Patron of Flightless Birds
| domain = Tempest; Patron of Flightless Birds
'''''Currently on hiatus!'''''
==Apollo Seven's Apollo Seven==
==Apollo Seven's Apollo Seven==

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Deities of Godville
Senpapi Apollo Seven   The Gamer God
Rare photo of Apollo Seven in his armor.
Hero Mister Sunshine
Personality Lazy
Gender Male
Domain Tempest; Patron of Flightless Birds
Motto Ale, nasa langit na ba ako?
Favourite Town Monstro City
Guild position Founder

Currently on hiatus!

Apollo Seven's Apollo Seven

Also known as Apolonio Sansinukob VII in the old world I lived in. I now live on a cloud that follows my hero.

I am a poor god that has no money to buy charges. I can't communicate like a normal god but you can go add me friend... I don't bite (only my hero does).

I can speak/write/read English and Tagalog/Filipino. 日本語が喋れないです。 上手じゃない。

I am most probably awake during:

  • Weekends and Mondays: 4:30 UTC - 15:00 UTC
  • Rest of the week: 9:30 UTC - 14:00 UTC

I am active in the Forums. I like art, writing, dueling, dungeoning, my guild, editing wiki pages, and possibly — you. (Don't tell that to my non-existent girlfriend.)

If you encountered me...
Random friend

If our heroes met and became friends and you want to be friends with me, chat me with a hello or else I will remove you because it's awkward and I'm awkward. Yes, I'm sorry.

In the Arena

If I became your arena opponent, pray to yourself that I forgot I sent my hero and accidentally fell asleep or I'm in a terrible mood to fight.

In the Dungeons

Congrats! If you're AFK, your hero/ine's gonna die! (I know you can't die but...)

I always end up driving even if I don't know how to (I've read articles about it but I think I'm too dumb).

We would get at most 80 steps till we find the treasure so if you have clues, I'm gonna be grateful to know about them.

FAQs nobody asked
Are you an experienced wiki editor?

No. I am just a person who has a huge imagination.

If you're also an absolute beginner who wants to create articles, Creators Manual is a BIG HELP and a must-read. Be bold! ;)

How pro are you in Godville?

I'm not a pro (yet) so I don't have that much tips to give you. But you can talk to me if you have a question and I'll be glad to answer it!

Why is your name Apollo Seven?

Ask my father.

Why is your hero's name Mister Sunshine?

Ask my mother.

Do you have alts?

No and probably won't be bothered to make one because Mister Sunshine is already tiring to take care of.

Do you buy charges?

I'm broke so I rely on my temple.

Do you like fighting?

In Arena and Sparring, yes. In real life, yes.

Can you drive?

In Dungeons, no. On the road, no.

What's your job?

Godville God.

How old are you?

I lied in the chronicles for the sake of lore so yeah, I'm not 21.

When's your birthday?

Every year

Do you have a girlfriend?

In real life, no. In my dreams, yes.


Getting trapped in my own thoughts; drawing; writing poems and novels; listening to music

Where else can I find you?

I am Apollo Seven and Asvii in Rucoy Online. I am also active in SimpleMMO as Apollo Seven.

Where do you live?

The Philippines.

Bakit ka Patron ng Mga Ibong Di Nakakalipad?

Kasi ang sabi lang doon sa kanta, "Ang mga ibon NA LUMILIPAD ay mahal ng Diyos, di kumukupas."

E pa'no naman 'yung mga manok, di sila mahal? Kaya ako na ang magkukusang magmamahal sa kanila.

Maka istorya ka ug Binisaya?




Things To Cram

Things I will do when I finally get a nice motivation. I don't really have that big brain for the Ideabox (but I send anyway) and I'm just a beginner in wiki editing so please bear with me. よろしく。

What's In The Ideabox
None yet...
Edited, Editing, Will Edit
Expanded Stubs

Created Articles