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| position = Founder
| position = Founder
| town = Monstro City
| town = Monstro City
| domain = Tempest; Patron of Flightless Birds

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Deities of Godville
Senpapi Apollo Seven   The Gamer God
Rare photo of Apollo Seven in his armor.
Hero Mister Sunshine
Personality Lazy
Gender Male
Domain Tempest; Patron of Flightless Birds
Motto Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa bayani ang gawa.
Favourite Town Monstro City
Guild position Founder

Apollo Seven's Apollo Seven

Also known as Apolonio Sansinukob VII (ASVII) in the old world I lived in. I now live on a cloud that follows my hero.

I am a poor god that has no money to buy charges. I can't communicate like a normal god but you can go add me friend... I don't bite (only my hero does).

I can speak/write/read English and Tagalog/Filipino. 日本語が喋れないです。 上手じゃない。

I am most probably awake during:

  • Weekends and Mondays: 4:30 UTC - 15:00 UTC
  • Rest of the week: 9:30 UTC - 14:00 UTC

I am active in the Forums. I like art, writing, dueling, dungeoning, my guild, editing wiki pages, and possibly — you. (Don't tell that to my non-existent girlfriend.)

Things To Cram

Things I will do when I finally get a nice motivation. I don't really have that big brain for the Ideabox (but I send anyway) and I'm just a beginner in wiki editing so please bear with me. よろしく。

What's In The Ideabox
None yet...
Edited, Editing, Will Edit
Expanded Stubs

Created Articles

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