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Monsters of Godville
Class humanoid
Habitat nowhere in particular
Description Godless pointless ex-hero

The Antihero with the word "anti" meaning in place of a Hero. One could say it is a negative hero. It is an evil, soulless, no conscience having beast. Some may confuse it with an evil hero, but there is, in fact, a difference. Evil heroes have gods and actually pray to someone. The Antihero has none. Evil heroes have quests. Antiheroes are people that have no meaning in life. They simply go around causing mischief and grief to others. Antiheroes are ex-heroes who either lost faith in their God, or were abandoned by their God. They are humans and know how to act like normal heroes. Because they once were heroes and learned skills and leveled up, they are dangerous to fight. These guys had a Temple built, or partially built, but sold the bricks to buy powerful weapons.


  • They know how to fight and use skills
  • They are always in groups, so be ready to fight one and run
  • They have ultra powerful weaponry and armor


  • Remind them that you have a god and can be healed. They should cry.
  • They are regular humans, so use whatever is effective against yourself against them.