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Monsters of Godville
Homo Nemesis
Class Humanoid
Habitat Back Alleys, Evil Lairs
Description Source of all your Troubles

Antagonist is only a monster because it says it's a monster. They are easy to recognize due to their terrible posture, dark clothing(Typically a trench coat), and handlebar mustache. If a hero sees one, it is safe to assume they are up to no good. If the hero defeats this monster, it is safe to assume that the Antagonist will shout curses and/or plot revenge. They are believed to be related to the Evil Genius and the Stereotypical Villain.

General Information

Usually in their evil lairs conniving and planning out their evil plans, antagonists rarely are seen in public and only come out to enact said evil plans. But, enacting and plotting evil plans isn't the only thing they do. Since all villains have twisted minds, they even have a tendency to claim responsibility for crimes they didn't even commit. Why? Because it makes them look more evil and Antagonists often compete with each other to see which one is more evil. On a special media platform that only Antagonists and all Antagonists use, called 'Instagate', the more evil you look, the more popular you are. So, for most of them, overly dramatic plans and falsely claiming to commit crimes is a popularity contest. Some of them even share their evil plans to their fellow villains if they get confident enough. Usually, this has no consequence. However, on the rare occasion in which a hero or heroine somehow manages to find their way onto 'Instagate', the Antagonist's plans are doomed to be foiled. They would have to expect to scream "Foiled Again!" once more.

In combat, an Antagonist's methods of combat can be quite unpredictable, except that they always fight dirty. They may be driving a mech, have an overly complicated contraption, a death weapon, or sometimes high tech weaponry that allows them to easy defeat a hero. However, if they are winning the fight, then they will stop what they are doing, the Antagonist gets cocky and begins to monologue. This leaves them wide open and allows whatever hero or heroine they are fighting to easily turn the tides of the fight.



  • Merciless and brutal.
  • Fights dirty, which can easily defeat more honorable opponents.
  • Access to high tech gear.
  • High IQ


  • Overconfident
  • Overcomplicates plans
  • Always underestimates heroes