Angry Bird

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Monsters of Godville
Angry Bird
Cardinalis iratus
Class Aves/Bird
Habitat Pig Fortresses
Description Angriness has a name. And a bird it seems.

The Angry Bird (Cardinalis iratus) is a monster that hates pigs. Or anything resembling them. They travel the globe looking for pigs to destroy but often mistake heroes for their dreaded enemies. But one cannot blame them.



  • Can launch out of slingshot at dangerous speed.
  • Can use many different abilities depending on their color.
  • Two or more species can cause explosions.
  • Hard as rock from beating fortressed made from wood to steel, bring a pickaxe as a backup weapon.


  • Hurt themselves badly upon landing from slingshot.
  • Cannot fly without slingshot.
  • Mentioning meat, pigs, or the color green will enrage them.