Aluminum Fowl

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Monsters of Godville
Aluminum Fowl
Class Intelligent vehicle.
Habitat Wherever treasures and mysteries abound.
Description High-flying aluminum smart vehicle.

The Aluminum Fowl ((Latin)) ...


Early History: Hero Worship

Middle Years: Family Rivalry

Present: Bitter Feud

Favored Haunts and Habitats

Top Pet Projects (Searches)

  • Mysterious city of gold
  • Fountains of wisdom, youth, and excellence
  • Tomb of the Horseman
  • Fabric archives of the Malicious Monks of Smeehee
  • Wreck site of the GVS Prosperity

Successful Discoveries

  • Cache of Elder Ian FitzIan the Lesser the Barbeerian[1]
  • Arabella O'Random's missing kitten



  • Intense willpower.
  • Never, ever, ever gives up.
  • Practiced in the arts and sciences of competition.
  • Heat-conductive carapace.


  • Intense rage at the mention of its sibling, the Golden Condor.
  • Immediately distracted by hints of treasure and cultural discoveries.
  • Easily scratched.

References and Footnotes

  1. Two caches of weaponry, gold, and yeast cultures dating to 3000 b.g.e. have been located and attributed to this historical figure. The Aluminum Fowl located the smaller of the two caches.