Alpha Centaur

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A half man-half horse creature from a solar system about four light uswest away. In spite of the physical appearance, it usually laughes like a hyena. During a fight, it has an annoying habit of using odd little gestures to keep your attention, although this may be common in other solar systems. Alpha Centaurs are known to charge from the trees and bushes, though in doing so their powers are weak. Nevertheless, this can greatly injure a hero as they are caught off-guard. Alpha Centaurs are particularly difficult for heroes in Godville because they are confused by the monster. They don't know if they should talk to the "man", attack him, or try and ride the "horse". This last option is a great distraction as the heroes hate walking everywhere, and would like a horse to ride. However, attempting to ride an Alpha Centaur only results in the injury of anyone and everyone nearby.