Alpha Centaur

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Pets of Godville
Alpha Centaur
Centaurus alphaus
Class Man-Horse
Habitat Starbucks
Description Extra-terrestrial centaur with an attitude.
Tame at levels 60-86
Features Rideable

The Alpha Centaur (Centaurus alphaus) is a half man, half horse creature from a solar system about four light-years away. In spite of its physical appearance, its laugh sounds unusually like that of a hyena. During a fight, it has an annoying habit of using odd, little gestures to keep your attention, although this may be a typical habit in other solar systems. Alpha Centaurs are known to charge from the trees and bushes, though in doing so, their powers are weakened. Nevertheless, this can greatly injure a heroine caught off-guard.

Alpha Centaurs are particularly difficult for heroines to kill because they are confused by the physical properties of the monster. They don't know if they should talk to the man, attack the whole thing, or try to ride it like a horse. This last option is a great distraction as the heroines hate walking everywhere, and would like a horse to ride. However, attempting to ride an Alpha Centaur only results in the injury of anyone and everyone nearby.

Alpha Centaurs hate being stereotyped as your ordinary half-man, half-horse, slightly uncivilized astrology-oriented, bow-and-arrow wielding, forest-dwelling maniac. In fact, if one even hints at the slightest mention of any of these things, the Alpha Centaur will stand on its hind legs and quietly mumble something along the lines of "Beam me up, Scotty." these words bring down a maelstrom of horrific winds, flashing lights, and loss of vision (of the heroine) for several seconds. After this, the Alpha Centaur will have vanished, leaving only a note saying, "I'm not one of those lame horsies from Harry Potter, dude."


The Alpha Centaur started out as a scared little baby centaur that was always ignored. Over time he grew restless and angry. He wanted revenge on those who ignored him. One morning he slew the most manly centaurs of his herd, earning him the name, Alpha Centaur. After that day every centaur from all over the world feared him.

As he got older and more mature he decided that with his Alpha Centaurship he might as well reproduce to create more and more copies of himself, copies of the Alpha Centaur. By the next month he had over 1000 children, but he didn't think this through. As the centaurs started to grow up they all wanted to be the alpha Alpha Centaur. They slaughtered each other in droves, until the next day there were only 565 left. They all miraculously came together to make an agreement, now known as the Peaceful Alpha Treaty. Declared in this treaty was the also the rule that all of the Alpha Centaurs must go off in their own direction, with at most one friend centaur. They then all set out to their own adventures meeting heroines and becoming their pets most of the time.



  • Strong
  • Incredible endurance
  • Intelligent
  • Able to conjure futuristic technology
  • Can handle extreme cold and extreme heat
  • Can transport large amounts of weight on their backs
  • As fast as a horse


  • Carrots, which they love, and apples too, but only to a lesser extent
  • They will do a double take at any offer to take them back to their home world
  • Are constantly distracted by plants on the side of the road
  • Are fascinated and easily distracted by the mere mention of dressage