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Deities of Godville
Almighty of here 
Blue phoenix moon.jpg
Hero Lemon tart
Personality busy
Gender Female
Harvest Moon

This goddess's greatest ambition was to be a successful non-payer. After a lot of cheating, which mostly involved some anonymously gifted charges, it seems she has somewhat achieved her goal. She is now dedicated to writing an arena guide for non-payers.

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Ongoing project: Arena guide

Guides from others

Many arena guides already exist in Godwiki:

Arena: This article contains the basic rules and some guidelines.

Asylum Will be a very useful guide if completed, but right now the only part that is complete is Losing for fun & Profit. That part is good.

Hairplug4men: This is more suitable for payers, as one of two suggestions provided will negatively impact a non-payer. It can also be slightly confusing if you've just begun to duel. I suggest reading this after a few duels.

Ongoing project: How to build a temple quickly without paying

Other useful links

SBFH: For pet resurrection or disposal, digging and generally how to build a quick temple.

Feather Mail: Dungeons and sails.

Ursina: Dungeons.

UI+: Very useful tool for gameplay, especially for dungeons.

Vicksdayquil Building ark quickly as a non-payer. In my opinion it's very difficult for a payer to be faster than that.