Alchemical transmuter

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Artifacts of Godville
Alchemical transmuter
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Hmmm...Dirt into gold sounds good!!!
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Transform bold items into Golden bricks

A rusty machine straight out of antiquity, this stone-based rather large keyring is much sought after. On activation, lightning furiously tears apart the sky and the hero's bag is struck with blazing fire (it has to be reasonably dramatic obviously).

Meteors streak across the sky leaving glittering star dust hanging in the cold air. The hero is bathed in golden sunshine and...well that's enough now.

In effect, some bold artifact in the hero's inventory are instantly transformed into Gold bricks, which is very handy indeed. Sometimes, the alchemical transmuter itself may be affected and become a brick too. This is rare though and anyway, you wouldn't want to make your hero's life too easy now would you?

This can also turn boss-part into Gold bricks, so be cautious if you have a part you want to spare in your inventory!

Instructions for use

This item can transform one or several bold items in inventory into golden bricks. (requires 50% of godpower)