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Monsters of Godville
Class Bird
Habitat Behind you
Description Cute fluffball

The Albatrocity is a ruthless, brutal creature known for its endless attacks on both unsuspecting heroes and innocent citizens alike and equally for its cute appearance. You may think it harmless due to the fact that it's essentially just a ball of white down with a beak, but it is actually the bane of all adventurers. Few have managed to escape from its grasp of death. Those who do refuse to speak about their encounters with this terrifying, unrelenting monster. Some cannot even remember it, probably due to the Albatrocity whacking them 'round the back of the head. Be careful where you tread. This cute ball of fluff may be just around the corner.

Many heroes have been just strolling between milestones, using the usual tiny amount of brain power they do and relatively nothing, really, before hearing sounds of tiny footsteps behind them. They, being heroes, don't stop and just continue on, humming to themselves. Their hums then are suddenly cut off as the Albatrocity leaps on top of a hero's head, grabbing onto their hair with its tiny beak and slamming the hero the ground with the force and strength of a thousand suns. The Albatrocity then continues to use its incredibly strong beak to whack the hero back and forth against the ground, breaking heroes' unbelievably weak bones. Any pet can do nothing but watch in horror since the Albatrocity is so small they can't even see it. Before anyone knows it the hero is incapacitated, and a god can only look down and see their hero died to a tiny ball of fluff.

This attack can also happen as heroes see the tiny Albatrocity and walk up to it, hoping to pet it only to have their hands grasped by the Albatrocity and whipped back and forth (its signature move, and only really, since it doesn't have hands or even really wings) resulting in them being dead, and also surprised.


The Albatrocity is almost perfectly described as a white fluffball with a beak. It has also two perfectly circular, dark eyes and tiny little wings with black tips, and two little feet. Little do heroes know, this tiny sphere of fluff contains insurmountable strength.



  • So cute it lures heroes in
  • Surprisingly strong
  • Sneaky despite its bright white down


  • Still just a tiny ball of fluff
  • Baby intelligence
  • Just a little short
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