Alarm Croc

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Monsters of Godville
Alarm Croc
Crocodylus Exsomnis
Class Reptile, Cyborg
Habitat Bedsides, Inns
Description Alligator that wakes you up

Alarm Croc is a monster in GodVille that is part crocodile, part alarm clock. They usually don't move very much, but will attack when their alarms are set off.

General Information

A Mad Scientist who liked to build cyborgs wanted to make sure the residents of Godville woke up at the crack of dawn, so he decided to modify crocodiles so that they have alarm clocks instead of bellies and would only move about when their alarms are set off. This means they spend most of their lives dormant and only engage in combat when the alarm goes off.

He transported the newly modified crocodiles everywhere in the city, and set them to 5 'o'clock. The next day, heroes were running about the city chasing after the Alarm Crocs-who were rampaging as a loud nonstop ringing was heard all over Godville. The monsters viciously attacked the residents, which led the mad scientist to inevitably land in death row. As the scientist was being executed by the authorities, heroes struggled in finding was to stop the crocodiles. Eventually, they found a temporary weakness: the snooze button - which made them pause temporarily for nine minutes. Since it worked for only nine minutes, the heroes had to find another weakness, and it took them a long time to do so. By the time they found another weakness, the scientist who built them had been dead for an entire week. That was because of the vicious nature of the crocodiles, and not the heroes being indecisive. Soon enough eventually discovered the off button, which shuts off the Alarm Crocs until the designated time they were set to. This allowed for the relocation of the Alarm Crocs to areas where monsters frequently roam and the clockwork reptiles were designated as monsters immediately. But, be warned, for if your hero or heroine hears an annoying, ringing alarm, that means an active Alarm Croc is nearby and on the hunt.



  • Loud ringing alarm becomes annoying to heroes/heroines during combat.
  • Razor-sharp claws and teeth
  • Surprisingly quick


  • A snooze button or an off button
  • Not waterproof
  • Easily heard coming
  • Rely on their alarms being set off
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