Akatsuki" guild!

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                                                                 -ORGIN OF A HERO-

In the Beginning Their was a legend, that was said to have stepped out onto the foundation of nothingness and spoke something into existence. After he spoke he looked to see what was created, and He saw that it was good. This god that created all of Godville, and every other god, and hero in godville; goes by only one name and that name is PROPHETSV. After creating Godville and countless other demi gods PROPHETSV felt a sence of loneliness. in his ultimate struggle to find the perfect Hero he embarked on a journey to find the ultimat Hero. In his search he found none, knowing that the only way to really have companionship was if he placed all his power into one individual hero, so PROPHETSV went into what is called the god's slumber... ( A deep sleep that focues all of the god's powers in order to create the ultimat being) Thus the (Lord of Host) was created with a mission to re-stor peace, re-present the image of his god, and re-store order back to the people of Godville.

                                                              -THE BIRTH OF AKATSUKI--

After succeeding in all three stages of his god's mission for his life the ultimate hero LORD of HOST grew tired of the lonely walk as a hero and vowed to create heroes in his own image, just as he began to think it the word "AKATSUKI" fell from the sky in the form of a giant fireball, and it only took 25% of his god's power to do it lol. hearing from his god PROPHETSV, the lord of host then went into a 12 level sleep to obtain the power of Guild creation. "ATKATSUKI" whose name means (breaking dawn) was established for the soul purpose of loving their god and all of godville with all their heart. So if you are looking for a guild of heroes that are warriors by birthright, lovers of one god, and have a sold out heart for all the land of Godville this guild is for you because our mission is to destroy the dark, and ultimately bring in the "AKATSUKI" (Breaking Dawn)

                                                             -OUR RANK AND  LEADER-

OMEGA RULER= Lord of Host