Adventure Time

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Adventure Time
Motto: Mathematical !
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 24283 c.u.
Date Founded: 11 September 2010
Membership Count: ~30
Pantheon of unity Rank: 118
Forum Headquarters: Adventure Time
Guild Page: Adventure Time 
Data current as of 10th May 2020

'Adventure Time' - Hello everyone! Welcome to the best guild in all of Godville. This guild is now welcoming new gods of all kinds who share the same desire to go on some Adventures; good, bad and ugly! Our ranking varies from top three to lower numbers. But with Your participation we can claim the number one spot... I invite you to join us! Why wait? It's Adventure Time!

About Us

Adventure Time are a group of fun loving wanderers travelling across the lands of Godville, spreading righteousness and slaying evil. We welcome human, candy, rainicorn, dog, mutant and all other adventurers alike - all you need is the thirst for adventure! We never shy away from the promise of adventure, no matter what traps lay before us. Adventure Time has become a community of Godville gamers who gather to take on adventures, talk to one another, make new friends and everyone will find themselves welcome here. We're a close knit group with over a hundred members. Here everyone knows everyone, and everyone happens to be friendly and awesome. If you find yourself new to Godville, you'll find plenty of willing members who will assist you and your hero through their journey's in Godville.


Formed by Princess Bubblegum to accommodate the large volume of Heroes following in the footsteps of legendary adventurers Finn and Jake, the Adventure Time guild experienced a massive gain in popularity as news of their exploits spread all throughout the land of Godville.

Let the adventures begin together we can conquer the world and have everyone following us.....

How To Join

To join our guild, simply repeat the following command to your hero until they listen to you:

    Join "Adventure Time" guild!

This should begin the quest to Talk to the Guildmaster of Adventure Time - and once that's complete, you're in!

Knowing your hero though, they'll undoubtedly wander off elsewhere and try to destroy their hard earned rank at the guild. If you notice the guild changing quest just command them to:

    Cancel quest!

Note that it will probably take quite a few tries until they listen to you, and even then only when they're not in a town or fighting. Also worth noting, is that your hero will stop trying to leave the guild once you reach the rank of Cardinal.

Most Gods/Goddesses will find that joining guilds is easier when their hero/heroine is idle. ie: not fighting or dueling.

== Honorable Mentions: ==

Without these valued members Adventure Time would not be as great as it is today.


BANANA GUARD LIEUTENANTS: Primoid, Bjh, Lady Deanndra, Rip Throtes, Apherosy, Zikku, and Gracious Timo