Adamant Atheist

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Monsters of Godville
Adamant Atheist
Class Humanoid
Habitat Cities, towns
Description Well spoken

The Adamant Atheist (atheos adamantis) is a monster that lives in heavily populated areas and more often than not is quite educated.

It lurks around taverns and Guild parties waiting to engage someone in a conversation about theology. Once a hapless hero falls into its trap, the Adamant Atheist berates them about their "supernatural and superstitious" beliefs until their faith is in tatters and their God cannot influence or help them any longer.

Once a God cannot lend their support to the champion, the Adamant Atheist is able to consume the core spiritual identity of the hero unchallenged. The hero's soul is then set wandering, unable to reach his God, lost for eternity. This monster is bent on destroying everyone's faith and connection with their Gods and Goddesses. This makes it extremely dangerous to all the residents of Godville.



  • Extremely tough skin
  • Superior intelligence
  • Can ambush heroes when they are drunk (this happens often)


  • Hidden emotional pain
  • Evidence that gods actually exist can make its brain explode
  • Poor aim