Activatable Artifacts

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Activateable artifacts can be found by heroes while questing. Like bold artifacts, they are worth a higher price then normal artifacts; additionally, however, each has a special ability which can only be activated by a god (see below), since heroes are too stupid to work out how. Use them cautiously, though, as these artifacts are the rarest ones a hero can find.

How to recognize

These items appear bold in the inventory. In the main browser-based Godville, they are annotated with an '@' sign in brackets next to their names; on the mobile app, they are annotated with a '@' symbol as well.

How to use

By moving your mouse cursor over the '@' next to the name of the artifact, it is possible to view a description of what the artifact will do on activation. Some require Godpower and others don't. A god can activate a hero's artifact for him by clicking on the '@'. Be warned though; sometimes the effect may not be advantageous to the hero.