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| '''Careerist''' [[Image:Careerist_3rd.png]]||General||3rd||Reach Cardinal rank in 1 [[guilds]]||25  
| '''Careerist''' [[Image:Careerist_3rd.png]]||General||3rd||Reach Cardinal rank in 1 [[guilds]]||25  
| '''Martyr'''||General||Honored martyr||[[Death|Die]] 300 times||?
| '''Martyr'''[[Image:Martyr_1st.png]]||General||1st||[[Death|Die]] 150 times||?
| '''Martyr'''[[Image:Martyr_1st.png]]||General||1st||[[Death|Die]] 150 times||?

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The great achievements of a hero can be seen on their hero page (click the hero's name from the main Superhero page). Originally features of the Godville mobile applications, they eventually became mainstream gameplay features. There are many to aim for, and most have variants of different ranks. All currently obtainable achievements are listed below.

The number of points each achievement is worth are only displayed in the iDevice Godville App since there is a scoring system in the Apple 'Game Center'. Exclusive to the iDevice and Android Apps are the icons displayed for each achievement. The images on the icons for each category of achievement are all the same with the only difference being the colour (except for the 'general' category where each one has its own different image). 3rd Rank icons are bronze, 2nd Rank icons are silver (the ones shown in this article) and 1st Rank icons are gold.

Achievement Name Achievement Type Rank Description Points
Hints Collector[1] Hints.png General none Unlock all in-game hint[2] messages 20
Rabbit Ears[3]Rabears.png General none Make the hero hear and react to your voice 5
Dressed to Kill[4]Dreskill.png General none Collect a full set of equipment 5
Treasure Trencher[5] General none Talked the hero into digging out a bunch of treasures 10
AnimalistAnimalist 1st.png General 1st Raise up a pet to level 30 75
AnimalistAnimalist 2nd.png General 2nd Raise up a pet to level 20 20
AnimalistAnimalist 3rd.png General 3rd Raise up a pet to level 10 10
BuilderBuilder 1st.png General 1st Collect 1,000 gold bricks 100
BuilderBuilder 2nd.png General 2nd Collect 300 gold bricks 30
BuilderBuilder 3rd.png General 2nd Collect 50 gold bricks 10
CareeristCareerist 1st.png General 1st Reach Cardinal rank in 3 different guilds 25
CareeristCareerist 2nd.png General 2nd Reach Cardinal rank in 2 different guilds 25
Careerist Careerist 3rd.png General 3rd Reach Cardinal rank in 1 guilds 25
Martyr General Honored martyr Die 300 times ?
MartyrMartyr 1st.png General 1st Die 150 times ?
MartyrMartyr 2nd.png General 2nd Die 50 times 15
MartyrMartyr 3rd.png General 3rd Die 10 times 10
Champion Dueling Honored champion Win 2000 duel fights ?
ChampionChampion 1st.png Dueling 1st Win 500 duel fights ?
ChampionChampion 2nd.png Dueling 2nd Win 50 duel fights 20
ChampionChampion 3rd.png Dueling 3rd Win 5 duel fights 15
Invincible[6]Invincible 1st.png Dueling 1st Win 10 duels in a row after level 50 ?
Invincible[7]Invincible 2nd.png Dueling 2nd Win 10 duels in a row after level 30 25
Invincible[8]Invincible 3rd.png Dueling 3rd Win any 10 duels in a row 25
CoachCoach 1st.png Dueling 1st Spar with 200 different friends ?
CoachCoach 2nd.png Dueling 2nd Spar with 50 different friends 15
CoachCoach 3rd.png Dueling 3rd Spar with 10 different friends 10
HunterHunter 1st.png Dueling 1st Kill 500 boss-monsters ?
HunterHunter 2nd.png Dueling 2nd Kill 50 boss-monsters ?
HunterHunter 3rd.png Dueling 3rd Kill 5 boss-monsters ?
Favorite Addict Honored favorite Checked up on hero for 300 consecutive days ?
FavoriteFavorite 1st.png Addict 1st Checked up on hero for 90 consecutive days 20
FavoriteFavorite 2nd.png Addict 2nd Checked up on hero for 25 consecutive days 15
FavoriteFavorite 3rd.png Addict 3rd Checked up on hero for 7 consecutive days 10
Renegade Addict Honored renegade Don't check up on hero for 300 consecutive days ?
RenegadeRenegade 1st.png Addict 1st Don't check up on hero for 90 consecutive days ?
RenegadeRenegade 2nd.png Addict 2nd Don't check up on hero for 25 consecutive days 15
RenegadeRenegade 3rd.png Addict 3rd Don't check up on hero for 7 consecutive days 10
Fiend Personality Honored fiend Punish hero 30,000 times ?
FiendFiend 1st.png Personality 1st Punish hero 10,000 times ?
FiendFiend 2nd.png Personality 2nd Punish hero 1,000 times 20
FiendFiend 3rd.png Personality 3rd Bring hero to absolute darkness! 15
Saint Personality Honored saint Encourage the hero 30,000 times ?
SaintSaint 1st.png Personality 1st Encourage the hero 10,000 times ?
SaintSaint 2nd.png Personality 2nd Encourage the hero 1,000 times 20
SaintSaint 3rd.png Personality 3rd Bring the hero to absolute goodness! 15


  1. iDevice Godville App only
  2. See the Help page (http://godvillegame.com/help) and click on In-game hints
  3. iDevice Godville App only
  4. iDevice Godville App only
  5. iDevice Godville App only
  6. Note: Ties will not reset the winning streak of the invincible achievement.
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