Achieve an epic fail

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Epic fail: achieved.
Achieve an epic fail (epic)

Difficulty 7/10

Of course every experienced hero is used to failing. They fail when trying to kill monsters, when trying to open mysterious boxes or when trying to think about different things than beer. This mostly ends up in a death, headache or another problem. Many heroes feel embarrassed for that, some even consult psychologists and sometimes they are advised to fight their biggest fear: By achieving an epic fail.

Ways of failing (and how to do this epically!)

Of course, every hero has his own way of failing, but a highly scientific hero failing statistic, short H.S.H.F.S., proved there are some ways with a higher possibility to fail it (epically).

The easiest way to fail epically is by not doing what he usually does:

  • Not fighting monsters! This might end up as a fail easily, as no like to end up bitten, burnt or to rest in pieces. So they tend to defend themselves and the selfie afterwards is often being seen as a proof of epic failing. Danger: The most responsible heroes are strongly advised not to choose this way. It is the main reason for mortals to die on this quest.
  • Not drinking beer! This is supposed to be the fastest possibility as no, and this article's author points out the no, hero can resist sitting in a bar and drinking water!
  • Not getting cheated by a merchant! To fail this way, the hero should go to Tradeburg, as this is the city with the most traders. The hero's cleverness will help a lot when having chosen this way.

Hint: It might be useful to ask some defecti defecti which are very experienced at failing.

Psychic use

As mentioned above, heroes often tend to be depressed by failing again and again. This quest is considered the best thing against this embarrassment. Since it is that successful, it might happen that the hero is being charged for this quest instead of being paid. But even then, doing this quest is totally worth it!

Further note(s)

The author begs for mercy of all the angry heroines who realized that this text just mentioned heroes.