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Champion of the God: TheEasternSea
Personality: Neutral/Gentle
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Motto: As The Sun Rises
Guild: Black Market
Guild Rank: Chief Master
Temple Completion Date: 12%
Pet Type: Sun Dog
Pet Name: Pumba
Pet Level: 6
Pet Healing Count: 1
Most Hated Monster: Alpacalypse

The Eastern Sea

The Eastern Sea in his glory

The Eastern Sea considers himself the main God of Trollbridge and presides over all things from the World's Apex to the Divine Lake. He was born one day after the beginning of the world of Godville but did not choose to take a hero for himself until Day 1400, after he grew jealous watching the other gods admiring the temples built in their honor. As the Lord of the Sunrise, he is often overshadowed by his sister, The Western Sky, however many mortals- particularly fishermen, farmers, and mountaineers- honor his presence every morning before setting out to work. His other titles include God of the Horizon and The Lord of Light. While he is generally a benevolent god, he does not like to be challenged and has his enemies burned to death during the dead of night. It is said that his completed temple, built with the entrance facing East, will outshine all the others during the sunrise every morning.

The Hero Aaekia]

The Hulking Auriferous Moleosaurus shortly before defeat

Aaekia was born in a fishing village on the banks of the River Amp and was sent to Trollbridge to train at an early age. He was adopted as the hero of The Eastern Sea on the 1400th day of Godville and set out to explore the world and honor his deity. Considered to be an above-average fighter, he enjoys smashing monsters' skulls to bits at every opportunity he receives. He is particularly capable in the arena, though he loves the lightning bolt and healing ray display his god puts on for him and will sometimes feign injury if he thinks he isn't receiving enough attention. However, his favorite targets reside underground, and farmers often sacrifice extra gold in hopes that he will plow their fields. Aaekia is most famous for single-handedly defeating a Hulking Auriferous Moleosaurus after his two allies were knocked out during step three.


Immediately upon achieving level 12, Aaekia began questing to join the Black Market guild as he was not the most cunning in the art of bartering. He successfully gained fanship three days later, and is enjoying his rise through the ranks and the numerous doctors the guild seems to employ. He has only thought about leaving once, until a lightning bolt to the rear caused him to cancel his quest. Aaekia hopes to contribute to the rise of the guild's influence as soon as his temple is constructed, though he has happily resigned himself to enjoying his god's editing and promotion of the guild's godwiki page.


Pumba enjoying an afternoon in Trollbridge

Aaekia is very fond of his pet and cannot imagine his life without a loyal companion at his side. He often relies on his pets to assist him in battle, and in turn brings them to a priest as soon as they get knocked out by an unforgiving monster.


Pumba (Sun Dog) is Aaekia's first and current pet. He is incredibly wise and drags his hero out of a battle when the opponent appears to have the upper hand. He prefers carrying the gold bricks that his master collects in his mouth, though has an annoying habit of destroying every other golden object that he can get his paws on (usually coins). Aaekia avoids bars when Pumba is around, and instead buys lots of healing items during his visits to town. Pumba has only been knocked out once, on Day 1449.


The proposed Temple to honor The Eastern Sea

Outside of filling an Ark full of beer, Aaekia's primary dream is to complete the construction of his deity's temple. The temple will be east-facing with ripples carved into the sides and waves crashing over the entrance. On the very top, a 2-meter concave sun will reflect the light of the morning, casting a narrow beam of light capable of burning anything in its path (and deterring other gods from building anything in between the temple and the sunrise). The temple is growing rapidly, with the first 100 bricks collected in just under 2 months. Aaekia plans to finish the temple sometime next year.

First Pilgrims

On Day 1449 the temple welcomed its first pilgrims, who honored The Eastern Sea with an hour of prayer, a champagne toast, and 208 gold coins. Aaekia also killed a Wrecking Bull that was sent by The Western Sky as a practical joke.

Golden Geese

It is rumored that Aaekia keeps a small flock of Golden Geese in his temple which he prefers to dine on while visiting Godville. He began keeping the flock after discovering Pumba also shared his love for their meat. He originally thought that the eggs they laid were completely useless, until he gained a new love of throwing them through the windows of neighboring temples.

Community Engagement

Both God and Hero take pride in active participation in Godville's Ideabox, Godwiki, and Forums. The Eastern Sea likes to offer his most ingenious ideas to the game to ensure that the world is as diverse as possible. Aaekia prefers to vandalize the ideas of other heroes.

List of Approved Ideas

The first Submersible Hovercraft built in Godville
Date Type Yes No Entry
Day 1421 Artifact 52 43 Submersible Hovercraft