A.I. Capone

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Monsters of Godville
A.I. Capone
Class Cyber criminal
Habitat Digital environs
Description Many 1’s and 0’s forming a ganster shape

Totally not like the dead mobster Al Capone, this is a monster not really known for its crimes. Its worst crime is evading its taxes. It's also not really known for the amazing websites it has developed, especially Google and the Internet. Unlike other monsters, it is a pixelated beast.



  • Has a pixelated tommy gun that takes away a pixel of your health at a fast rate.
  • Wears a really cool hat that does nothing.
  • Tends to give his tax forms to whoever is fighting him.


  • Cannot resist good Brooklyn pizza
  • Will run away when the IRS is mentioned
  • Mentioning several of his nicknames will result in confusion