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|{{god|ChocoHappyEnding}} <Regent>
|{{god|DeafBugboy1028}} <Regent>
|{{god|DeafBugboy1028}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|Hollowstar}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|Hollowstar}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|Raihan}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|Raihan}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|All Powerful Jax}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|All Powerful Jax}} <Matriarch>
|{{god|Ost Drauka}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|Ost Drauka}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|Chilla}} <Patriarch>
|{{god|Chilla}} <Matriarch>
|{{god|Windgoddess}} <Matriarch>
|{{god|Li Lys}} <Hierarch>
|{{god|Ethelith}} <Hierarch>
|{{god|All KPO}}
|{{god|All KPO}}

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42 - THE answer!
Motto: Share 'n' Enjoy!
Alignment: mostly harmless
Date Founded: 'twas Thursday...
Guild Page: 42 - THE answer! 

Got a question? The guild can help - for hints see below

So What Is It All About?!


Forty Two: the answer to life, the universe and everything... even if we don't know what the question is just yet! Alternatively the answer to 6 x 7, 6 × 9 (using base 13), or the change left after the idiot has just spent 3513 gold coins on a water pistol and a trip to the local tavern.

By a strange coincidence, it is also exactly the number of hours that a person violating the "Anti-Cruelty to Coconuts Law" in the town Last Resort will be restrained under a coconut-laden tree to give the tree the opportunity to drop a coconut on its attacker!!

The point is you have to believe in something, so why not 42? I mean, 41 is a prime number... and who wants to believe in one of those?!? It even SOUNDS stupid into the bargain!!

Current Hoopy Froods

To avoid any misunderstandings: we are talking Cardinals and above!
GodForty Two   <Founder of the Guild> GodBanana Girl  <Prophet> GodTheagar  <Prophet> GodSkatter  <Prophet> GodSteveHaudrich  <Prophet> GodRpgmanes 1  <Prophet>
GodGatica  <Prophet> GodHigh Chief  <Prophet> GodChaos Lord Cthulhu  <Regent> GodAlf  <Regent> GodPorsj  <Regent> GodKurisutiian  <Regent>
GodChocoHappyEnding  <Regent> GodDeafBugboy1028  <Patriarch> GodHollowstar  <Patriarch> GodRaihan  <Patriarch> GodAll Powerful Jax  <Matriarch> GodOst Drauka  <Patriarch>
GodChilla  <Matriarch> GodWindgoddess  <Matriarch> GodLi Lys  <Hierarch> GodEthelith  <Hierarch> GodGork-N-Mork  GodAll KPO 
GodSteveHaudrich  GodChilly857  GodLSchwang  Godthe really awesome  <cardinal>

Last update: in progress. If we've missed you out... whoops, sorry! Go ahead and add yourself to the table - we even left a few spaces for you!

Guild Incentives

So you think maths is boring...
Add up any line...

Those in the table get a free lollipop, a ten-times-table with the number 42 highlighted and... a FREE "42" t-shirt - can't be much more generous than that!!!

Well, actually, we can: friend the high-rankers, and we'll do everything we can to speed up the coming of the magic "Temple Day"... although, no promises that he won't die at least 42 times, or that it will make any difference whatsoever if he does (remember that switch that Ford found in the airlock?), but we'll have fun along the way :D!

Oh, one other thing we can offer: a paper bag, to put over your head. It won't stop you from being killed, anymore than it stopped the Earth from being destroyed, but at least you won't see the deathstrike coming!!

Hints & Tips

Hoopy froods only!

The First Thing To Do

Whilst we've tried to put together a short bunch of the most helpful hints, we can't have covered everything... for more personal help, join the guild (see below), friend the higher ranked members, and then message them direct (or post a message in the Guild Council).

Friending fellow guild members has the great effect of boosting Unity, helping the guild to become well known... and THIS has pleasant effects for you, by improving the service you get in town from the doctors and everyone else!!!


Not in a guild yet, and want to join us? Then send a god voice saying

join the "42 - THE answer!" guild

This may need to be repeated, but will eventually get the hero to embark on a quest to join this guild.

Ended up in a random guild? Bored of your current one? Then send a voice saying

leave guild and join the "42 - THE answer!" guild

This may need to be repeated - you know how deaf and stupid those heroes can be :)!!

Already one of our great members, but the idiot has started a random quest to join a different one? Then use

abandon quest

or alternatively (we like this one better :)!)

This quest is lame! Stop doing it!

As and when you're in: think about adding ★42★ to your motto (go ahead and "copy 'n' paste" those 4 characters into the beginning of your motto:)!)... not a must - that 25 character limit is pretty brutal anyway, but if you've got space, it'd be a cool sign in the pantheons!

For lots of other infos such as ranks, gifts, healing, influence and so on, go to the main Godwiki page

Winning Duels

Winning duels feels just great! Despite being a Zero Player Game, there are LOTS of things you can do to more or less guarantee winning them... note, the 'more or less', because there is always The Big Random!

For the duel-winning hints (and we REALLY do have some good ones, no joke here!), so that you together with our guild may achieve greatness (without giving things away to members of another guild), you'll just have to friend us and ask :)!

A sparring match between friends is, of course, also possible, to help hone duelling skills - just ask via message, GodForty Two   will be happy to use the Godpower to get it started, once a time has been agreed.

Reviving Cute, Dead Pets

Yes, we're all looking forward to the day we tame a Double Dragon or Multi-legged Luggage, but mostly, we just end up with a (next to) useless Dust bunny, Firefox, Rocky Raccoon, or seemingly tough but realistically just pathetic Sun dog.

Nevertheless, you can't help but love 'em... right?! And then comes that terrible day: they bite the big one. It's only a matter of time... you think you've done everything you can to keep them alive, like treats, baths in the big city, unnecessary trips to ridiculously expensive vets, not chopping their tails off by mistake, you know what we mean. But realistically: their days are numbered. Really. Nothing you can do about that at all.

So, the poor little things have to go, sooner or later, and you feel compelled to do your utmost to revive them. And revive them you can. At a price. Last time we looked: 450GC per pet level. So as a low level hero, you have essentially (next to) NO CHANCE to get a really high level pet (you know he/she is going to 'invest' that money by throwing it down a wishing well!!), although you can buy them a few more levels, by plugging LOADS of time, effort and even real-world money into the attempt to get that elusive 'Taming' token. Believe us on this one - patience is the key, not cash-money.

Just be happy to (temporarily) get into the 'Taming' pantheon, enjoying those golden times (and limited fame) before they take that long, one way trip... and remember folks: it's only a game - no animals were hurt in the making of GV :)!

A Temple In Three Easy Steps

  1. Check on your hero every now and then, and as soon as he has more than 3000 gold then: Punish! Punish! Punish! (or encourage ;)) - btw. the exchange rate has nothing to do with this, that's just for trading!
  2. If you have the money, buy LOADS of godpower charges, enter a duel, and win the enemy`s money! Then, if you you have more then 3000 gold, see step one!
  3. Put yourself to sleep by magic for 20 years - on waking up, you will find that the hero will have managed to build a temple all by him-/herself... without you spending a single cent!!

Repeat above steps as necessary, until - hey presto! - a temple is built!

How To Get Rich

Here we're talking about in real life, you know? Like, irl.

'Fraid we're clueless here... so anyone claiming to know this answer, please let us know - we did try the improbability drive strong cup of really hot tea thing, but maybe we were just using the wrong tea...?!?

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!

Mmmm! I smell chips 'n' ketchup!!

We're having great fun writing this page, bit by bit... but remember: this page doesn't actually belong to anyone!

So, any member who feels like making this page funnier, please go ahead (members of other guilds: be careful, or you'll be paying for the next round of Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters)!

Mistakes can easily be corrected and you can preview changes before you save them, so there's no need to hold back! Beginners: for hints and tips on editing, message GodForty Two   or GodBanana Girl , check the Godwiki, or... view the source code of other cool-looking guild pages, to see how they do it :D!