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WARNING: This article probably contains the coveted explanations to the most prevalent mysteries in all of Godville.

The 3D Interface has long been suspected to have more then 3 dimensions, perhaps up to eleven, but for now we only have proof of three. It has the appearance of a blue,green,red and orange six-spiked star that perpetually spins seemingly violating the laws of thermodynamics. However,in Turbo mode, it turns completely black. The reason for this is not known but may be a side-effect of the uncertain nature of spatial geometry. The 3D Interface can be enabled from the options and will slow your browser down a bit probably due to the gravitational distortion.

3d.jpg 3dt.jpg


Some say...

  • If it ever stops spinning, something has gone terribly wrong with the Godville servers.
  • It is actually upside-down and back-to-front but nobody has bothered to fix it.
  • It used to be called the 2D Interface before the demise of pacman.
  • It can see into your soul if you spin around at the same speed.
  • It only exists while someone's looking at it.
  • Nobody really cares about it.
  • It's made of pickles and possibly onions too.
  • Its useless.
  • It is going to become the 4D Interface in 2012 and thus end the world.
  • Any attempts to destroy it always end in the birth of a goat.
  • It knows the answer to the question.


It is little known that the 3D Interface is a quick and easy to use admin panel which allows you to alter the parameters of your hero. It is effectively a cheat panel for admins to quickly utilise and therefore test new game-play devices.

To access the cheats panel:

1) Enable the 3d Interface on the options page

2) Right click on the orange segment of the 3D Interface at the moment of rotation that it appears to point out of the screen to bring up the Flip-latch particle toggles

4) Disable total probability vectoring, Automated gain rate and Spline propagation system

5) Enable Source programming and Typeface input control

6) Click apply. It will now ask for a password. Type in To Godville! then press enter. The panel will now close.

6) Click on the lower of the two blue segments of the 3D Interface at the moment of rotation when the red segment appears to point out of the screen to bring up the RNG Settings

7) Disable all of the settings except for Allow DOS then click advanced to open up the advanced controls

8) You should now see a text input box. Below is a list of all known commands that can be used:

set /a %deatct% == *n* -----Sets your hero's number of deaths to the desired number (*n*).

set /a %questrtc-a% == *n* -------Sets the time your hero takes to complete a quest (*n*) in hours.

ren *current hero name* *desired hero name* --------Renames hero.

set /a %hpth% == *n* -----------Sets hero's total health to desired number (*n*) in hit points.

rd \\hprem ------Prevents hero's health being removed permanently. This is irreversible so be careful about it.

print /d hdiout /p *text* ------Writes new diary entry using your text (*text*).

cls ------blanks hero's diary. (new diary entries will follow, don't worry)

It's purpose

A really useful thing for those who have already played many MMORPG; it aims to provides an intuitive and productive view of the game-play world. The graphical engine is absolutely unique to RPG games and owners of high-end systems will definitely enjoy the detailed textures and dynamic lightning effects along with fully implemented shaders technology. The multi-factorial global navigation interface works in harmonised synergy with the CNS which in turn is able to increase the action potential with developed axon thickness. The visage is state-of-the-art with an IP-locator, an autotrophic community sustainer and fully integrated monster-analytic software that develops around 2500 horsepower. The 3D interface is currently version 7.561 with future updates promising to completely shatter our preconceptions of what's possible using a toaster and the rotting corpse of a magician.



It doesn't seem to interact with anything. The truth is, nobody knows what it's supposed to do. It is perfectly possible that it is completely useless, an opinion held by many, however it most probably holds a hidden purpose. Watch this space for further developments.

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