2 pcs (2 pcs)

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Artifacts of Godville
2 pcs (2 pcs)
Type 🧷Normal
Description Two two-piece suits


A 2 pcs (2 pcs) is just two two-piece suits (mostly found in black and/or white) that monsters usually carry around when going to or from a party. It still remains a mystery to this day as to why monsters always carry around two two-piece suits and not one. Some speculate that the monsters that carry this are so big they need four-piece suits for them to fit but couldn't find a tailor free(or willing) enough to make one, so they have settle for two two-pieces. A big question surrounding the 2 pcs (2 pcs) is why heroes and heroines in their simple-minded brains don't ever wear them as body equipment, but instead keep carrying them around with them in their inventories. Some say that because it's made out of cheap knockoff silk that is so soft that it would be -100 durability, even the most simple-minded of heroes can understand that they shouldn't wear something that would allow monsters to kill them with a tiny pinch. This also might explain why it doesn't have a high resell value.


As stated previously they are usually found in black/or white but appear in many different colours (a popular pattern on 2 pcs (2 pcs) is the Godville Emblem but in reverse colours.) They are normally made by the tailors in Unspecifiedistan, but San Satanos is also a big competitor.