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| motto = ♪♪♪
| motto = ♪♪♪
| founded = March 15, 2013
| alignment = ♫♫♫
| alignment = ♫♫♫
| pantheon = Unity rank
| pantheon = Unity rank

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Welcome to my guild, dedicated to all the Gods,Heroes and Heroines who want to play the blues in all the sleazy, greasy, downtown bars and clubs of Godville and surrounding towns. Join me in my new guild if you, your Hero or Heroine, wants to join a band, be a manager or just a good old fashioned groupy!!

If you really do play the blues, out there in the big wide world or are a fan of the blues and live music in general, join me and spread the word.

I hope to jam with you soon,

RiffCreator and his Hero, Greeny.

12 bar blues
Motto: ♪♪♪
Alignment: ♫♫♫
Date Founded: March 15, 2013
Membership Count: 2
Pantheon of unity Rank: Unity rank
Pantheon of popularity Rank: Popularity
Pantheon of duelery Rank: Aggressiveness (Sum of members' Gladiatorship scores, does nothing outside of making some of us appeaar Arena addicts)
Forum Headquarters: 12 bar blues
Guild Page: 12 bar blues 
Data current as of PAGE UPDATED ON WHAT DATE

Joining 12 Bar Blues

Joining the guild is srprisingly simple. Just use your godvoice to make your hero or heroine:

join “12 bar blues” guild

They should start a new quest to become a member of 12 bar blues. Once they complete the quest, bam, you're in!