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| image =
| image = [[Image:Buy-1-for-the-price-of-two.png|frameless]]
| type = Normal
| type = Normal
| description = Usually in the form of a coupon or certificate.
| description = Usually in the form of a coupon or certificate.

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Artifacts of Godville
1-for-the-price-of-2 voucher
Type 🧷Normal
Value 40
Description Usually in the form of a coupon or certificate.

Get any drink or item from any shop — one for the price of two, with this voucher! Must be redeemed as soon as possible by the hero who finds it in his or her inventory. No refunds, returns, or exchanges allowed.


Originally created as a joke item for the popular stageplay "What I Told My Mother to Get Out of Doing the Dishes," the 1-for-the-price-of-2 voucher prop migrated onto the streets of Godville when the actor playing the romantic lead swiped it from storage at the close of the first season. The actor had it in hand when she approached a heroine who had crashed the cast party at The Glass Cannon. With the express intent to "see if these people are as dumb as everyone says," the actor passed the voucher to the heroine with a fast-talking explanation that it might help with getting a drink. Then she stood in rapt astonishment as the heroine approached the bar tender and proffered the voucher, the bar tender accepted the voucher, the heroine happily paid twice the going rate for a drink, and finally the heroine toasted the actor in gratitude.

Seasonal repetition of this prank has become a good luck superstition for the cast of the play. Since "What I Told My Mother to Get Out of Doing the Dishes" has run for 68 seasons to date, this would suggest that there are 68 1-for-the-price-of-2 vouchers in existence, but the actual number was greatly inflated once the play was adapted for performances in grade schools. The superstition has spread with the play, similar to the superstition about never saying "Macdeath" in a theatre, and by now even the heroes and heroines know about it.

Knowing about it has not stopped the heroes and heroines from playing along.

Sales Tips

  • 1-for-the-price-of-2 vouchers are never really sold, but more traded in for another item at twice the price. If a merchant makes a mistake in reading the face of the voucher and actually pays for it, the selling heroine should accept the gold coins and smile politely.
  • Hero-traders are advised to give this item to a monster customer for free, since the superstition is that more good luck accrues with each time it circulates. Besides, the hero-trader can make up the loss on the next artifact sold.