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Artifacts of Godville
0% discount coupon
0% discount coupon.png
Type 🧷Normal
Description Idiot bait, popular with heroines and hero.

The 0% discount coupon is an artifact that will save your hero absolutely nothing (up to zero percent maximum) off any purchasable item, anywhere in Godville.

Accepted by: All shops, roadside traders, hero-traders, healers, taverns, inns, temples, skill trainers, blacksmiths, bards, scribes, vending machines, and thieves.

Expiration Date: Never Expires!

Fine Print:

Thank you for your visit to your local Godville tavern or shop! This coupon is valid at no local retailers of any kind outside of Godville and is valid for one-time use only. Hero must present coupon and surrender on purchase. Limit of one coupon per hero, per household, per group, per purchase, per day. Each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon and applied to total cost prior to any and all sales tax or other applicable taxes and/or fees. Hero will not receive any credit or cash back if coupon value exceeds purchase price. Prices subject to change without notice. Parking not included. Applicable taxes must be paid by the bearer. Quantities limited with the right to reserve quantities accepted by the hero by using this coupon. No rain checks will be issued. Certain restrictions apply. Minimum purchase requirement must be met with purchases. Not valid with any other offers, special orders, delivery fees, assembly fees, instant savings, cash back programs, reduced price offers, employee or other discounts, in-store sales, clearance items, marked-down items, special pricing, expired items, holiday items, or any other coupons. Not applicable for home delivery, carry out, catering, grocery items, and is not valid towards gold bricks, wood for arks, skills, professional training, equipment, artifacts, talisman(s), pet care products, levels, diary entries, feedback, or anything else you might think of, really. This coupon is not redeemable for cash, credit, coins, gold bricks or any other currency and has no cash or coin value. This coupon is not valid towards prior purchases or for same or similar items. This coupon is not valid if transferred, purchased, sold, auctioned, reproduced and/or copied, altered, or exchanged / shared. Value is forfeited for any items returned. Distribution prohibited. This coupon is null and void where prohibited. Spoiler alert: this coupon does not actually save the hero any time or coins when redeemed.Valid only through expiration date noted on coupon. Additional photo identification may be required. May contain nuts. All rights reserved. Godville interpretation is final. Copyright Godville Administration; Godville, Inc; GodWiki; GodvilleGame; and/or Godville.