“Wish you were beer” postcard

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Artifacts of Godville
“Wish you were beer” postcard
Type Unknown
Value 10 gold coins.
Description Postcard, often considered companion to the Intergalactic postage stamp.

The "Wish you were beer" postcard is an artifact found in Godville. It bears an image of a scrolling banner that says “Wish you were beer,” usually over the image of the picturesque territory where it was printed.


Conceived as a “collect all 100”-style item by the enterprising W. H. O. Murphy, these artifacts are sold in packs of twenty to various tourism board offices, which sell them individually at a profitable mark-up to various tourists of the heroine or monster persuasion. Each territory, town, and famous milestone[1] offers an associated postcard. As a result, collectors will sometimes hold swap-meets to trade duplicates for coveted additions.

The Bad Gateway Library[2] is thought to have the most complete collection of these postcards, with a catalogue numbering 432 out of a known 507.

Instructions for use

Write a message for a fellow hero or heroine, affix a stamp, and send it through the Godville Postal Service.


  1. Milestones 1, 100, 404, 502, and 1000 are all featured in the "Wish you were beer" collection.
  2. Since the fire, combustible collections have been moved into the annex equipped with xenon-pumped suppressant systems. Clay tablets and other non-combustible items may still be found in the main building.