“Artifacts & Collectibles” magazine

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Artifacts of Godville
“Artifacts & Collectibles” magazine
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

The “Artifacts & Collectibles” magazine is an artifact that is taken from a monster. The book is interesting and full of pretty colors and words, but sadly our little bundles of joy simply cannot read the magazine

The magazine, if examined, might give gold coins and this generally confuses the hero. The gods sadly cannot read the book as they are up in the sky and cannot reach into the hero's inventory and read the book.

The hero will sell the magazine as they can't read it although it has a lot of pretty colors and tells the hero about the best artifacts.

When the hero is reading the magazine they will be confused as they will see not only pretty colors but moving pictures and this has made some hero crazy and attack the magazine, destroying it in the process.

The thing about this magazine is that it is almost worthless except for selling,crafting,or examining (or target practice with lightning which gods love to do).