"Hero of the Day" award

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Artifacts of Godville
"Hero of the Day" award
Type 💎Bold
Description Unknown

Once a day, the Great Random selects a hero to carry this artifact around for a while (until your hero sells it). Upon receipt of this “great” honor, the hero will tell themselves that the article really does not mean all that much to them, considering that they got it quite literally at random. Meanwhile, though, your hero is secretly gloating and also wondering how much they will be able to sell the certificate for in the shops.

This particular artifact was also named after a song that falls under the category of a power ballad played by a heavy metal band, but other than the name they have nothing in common. This artifact is not part of an album and it does not have any corresponding promotional advertising.

Your hero may (or may not) record in their diary when they obtain this artifact. Currently, there is no known way to determine which heroes have been selected for this “award” (unless they have entered it into their chronicles or it is somehow added to the Godville Times newspaper) nor is it actually verified that only one hero in the whole of Godville can have the artifact in their inventory at a time.