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This is an attempt to list all monsters found in the game in alphabetical order. Feel free to add to this list.

All Monsters have been linked, so you can tell by the item's color if a descriptive page exists (Blue Text) or not (Red Text). You are encouraged to create or embellish those descriptive pages.

5 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
- 5 - <Top>
502 Bad Gatekeeper
- A - <Top>
A.I. Capone Aardvark of the Covenant Abominable Sandman Abracadaver
Academia Nut Acid Reindeer Acid-breathing Penguin Acrophobic Dragon
Adamant Atheist Adamantine Golem Adoring Fan After-Mathematician
Afterlife Coach Afterlife Guard Aggressive Pedestrian Aimless Archer
Air Guitarist Aircraft Terrier Alarm Croc Alarming Clock
Alien Space Bat Alpacalypse Alpha Centaur Alpha Mole
Alter Eagle Alter Ego American Dreamer Amiable Snowman
Anaphylactic Shark Anarchitect Ancient Demon Angel of Debt
Angry Bird Angry Camper Animaniac Animated Sprite
Anonymouse Antagonist Anti-Bio-Tick Anti-anti-virus
Anti-social Worker Antihero Ape of Wrath Apocalypse Cow
Apocalyptic Bunny Aporkalyptic Pig April Fool Aquaphobic Fish
Arabian Knight Arachnophobic Spider Arch-Anemone Archnemesis
Arctic Firebird Arctic Monkey Are We There Yeti Arena Stalker
Argyle Gargoyle Armchair Critic Arrgh-onaut Artificial Intellectual
Artsy Fox Assault Shaker Asthmatic Dragon Astronautilus
Astrophobic Alien Atheist Mantis Atomic Kitten Attention Seeker
Attilla The Nun Auntie Virus Auto Corrector Auto Pilot
Autoexec Bat Autophobic Recluse Avant Guardian Average Foe
- B - <Top>
Bad Gatekeeper Bad News Bear Bad Samaritan Badger of Honor
Badger of Shame Badonkadonkey Bald Eagle Scout Bald Mammoth
Balding Scentipede Balloonatic Ballpoint Penguin Bananaconda
Bankrupt Leprechaun Barber of Godville Barking Catfish Barrel Fish
Basement Cat Basement Dweller Bash Ogre Bastard Lunatic
Battle Hamster Battle Ox Battle Rattlesnake Battle Toad
Battlesheep Battletoad Bear Minimum Bear Witness
Bear-Faced Liar Beardless Dwarf Bearlock Bearskin Thug
Bee Holder Beelzebieber Beelzebubba Beelzebubble
Beer Golem Beer Hunter Beerburglar Beerwolf
Bench Warmer Bendy Shark Beta Jester Beta Male
Bewarewolf Bewilderbeest Bicyclops Bigger Badder Wolf
Biggerfoot Binary Canary Bio-degrader Biological Nightmare
Biowolf Bipolar Bear Bird of Paradise Bird of Pray
Bitter Chocoholic Black Sheep Blade Runner Blasphemouse
Blind Watchman Blind Weresquirrel Blood-Sucking Lawyer Bloodthirsty Mosquito
Bloodthirsty Umpire Blue Occult Öyster Blue Ray Blundertaker
Boa Conscriptor Boartender Bob Bobble-Headed Hydra
Bobble-headed Godvilla Bobble-headed Necropanzer Boneless Skeleton Boogie Woogie Man
Boogy Knight Book Wyrm Boomerangutan Borderline Collie
Born-Again Zombie Bottomless Pitbull Boxing Dove Brainless Scarecrow
Brainstorm Trooper Brass Monkey Brick Golem Bridezilla
Brutal Psychophant Bubble Raptor Bubonic Plagiarist Bulletproof Monk
Bulletproof Pest Bully Mammoth Business Monkey Butter Jellyfish
Butter Troll Button Masher Buzz Bunny
- C - <Top>
CPU Hog Cabbage Patch Squid Called by Duty Cantankerous Chimaera
Capeless Crusader Capitalist Overlord Caps Lock Captain Emo
Captain Oblivious Carbon Foot Prince Card Shark Card-Carrying Villain
Carnage Patch Kid Carpe Demon Cash Cow Cast Iron Man
Cat Herder Cawing Wumpus Ceiling Cat Celery Stalker
Centaur of Attention Centaur of Gravity Century Fox Cereal Killer
Chain Male Chain-Mailman Chairman of the Bored Chalk Outline
Chaos Butterfly Chaos Forger Character Assassin Charlie's Angel
Cheerful Lemming Cheese Kraken Cheeseburglar Cheshire Rat
Chesthugger Chewbaccacabra Chicken in a Guy Suit Chili Con Carnivore
Chimpanzealot Chinkilla Chocolate Elemental Chocolate Moose
Cinnamon Troll Civil Serpent Civil Warrior Cliff Hanger
Cloackroach Clockroach Closet Monster Clumsy %monster%
Cluster Duck Coal Mime Cod of War Code Monkey
Coffee Mugger Cogito Ergo Summoner Cold Turkey Cold turkey
Colonel of Truth Colorblind Chameleon Colorblind chameleon Combat Ant
Combustible Piñata Combustible Piñata Compsognathus Confused E-bowler
Continental Drifter Contraband Smuggler Contraband Snuggler Contrabandit
Cookie Mobster Cookie Monster Cooling Fanatic Copy Cat
Copyrat Copywight Coquettish Fleasaur Coquettish Landshark
Corporate Giant Cotton Candy Golem Couch Commando Coughing Elephantom
Coughing Vampirate Count Spatula Count of Three Court Martial Artist
Cracked Kraken Crafty %monster% Crash Test Mummy Creeping Beauty
Crime Minister Criminal Master Mime Critical Bug Croaking E-bowler
Croaking Vamplifier Croquet Mullet Cross-eyed Basilisk Crouching Tiger
Crowbard Crunchy Captain Crying Wolf Crypto-Knight
Ctrl-Alt-Delinquent Cucumbear Cutting Remarksman Cyber Punk
- D - <Top>
Dandy Lion Darned ZomBee Darth Invader Daydream Bereaver
Daymare Dead Horse Dead Ringer Dead Sea Troll
Dead Survivor Dead Terrorist Dead Wringer Deaf Leopard
Decepticorn Decomposing Composer Deconstruction Worker Deep Crow
Deformed Rabbit Deliverator Delusionist Delusionist Of Grandeur
Delusionist of Grandeur Demigods Demotivational Speaker Depressed Robot
Depresso Machine Desert Beagle Desert Eagle Desperado
Desperadon't Desperate House Elf Destroyer of Words Devil Dog
Devil's Advocate Diary Page Golem Diastronaut Diction Fairy
Diet Sprite Dirt Devil Disarmadillo Disastronaut
Discomancer Disgruntled Customer Disgruntled Postal Clerk Disgusting Heffalump
Disgusting Karmachanic Disgusting Wizaardvark Distilled Spirit Doctor Hu
Doctor Whoa Doctor Why Dogfather Dogmatic Cat
Doom Shroom Doppelgangster Dork Knight Double Dragon
Double Tap Dancer Double-cross Dresser Doubt Collector Downward Facing Dog
Doyouthinkhesaurus Dragon Dungeon Dragonandon Drain Snake
Dramatic Chipmunk Dreaded Gazebo Dreadneck Dream Shatterer
Dream Weaver Drop Bear Drottningu Drowned Captain
Dryer Gnome Duct Tape Golem Duke of Haphazard Dummy
Dungeon Keeper Duperman Dust Bunny Dust Devil
Dust bunny Dwarfy Firefox Dyna Mite Dysenterrier
Dyslexic Agnostic Déjà -Vulture Déjà-Vulture
- E - <Top>
E-book Worm E-bowler E-mailman Eager Beaver
Early Bird Earworm Eclectic Eel Edible Jelly
Educated Flea Eel of Fortune Effective Butterfly Eight-bit Thief
Electric Fencer Electric Monk Electric Orc Welder Elemental of Surprise
Elephant of Surprise Elephantom Emotional Baggage Handler Encryption Keeper
Encyclopedia Salesman Enemy of My Enemy Enemy of the People Energizer Bunny
Enforcement Droid 209 Epic Flailer Errorist Escape Goat
Escargoat Eternal Dalmatian Evil Genius Evil Giraffe
Evil Minion Evil Monkey Evil Overlord Evil Resident
Evil Step-Monster Evil Twin Eviscerator Ex-ghoulfriend
Exiled Vault Dweller Expendable Crewman
- F - <Top>
Fabergé Chicken Facepalm Reader Fail Whale Fairy Godfather
False Witness Fanged Heffalump Fanged Landshark Fanged Minitaur
Fangless Vampire Fantastic Foe Farce of Nature Fat Cat
Fat Glitchiker Fat Henforcer Fat Wookalar Fat Wumpus
Fault Dueler Faux Hawk Fauz Hawk Feathered Boa Constrictor
Feral Hero Feral Internet Meme Feral Pet Rock Feral Rocking Horse
Fifth Elephant Filefry Fire Breathing Dragon Fire Hydra
Firebreathing Dragoon Firefox First Person Shooter Fisherman's Fiend
Five o'clock Shadow Five-alarm Friar Flagrant Mispeller Flaming Snowman
Flamingo Dancer Flash Gorgon Flash Mobster Flat-Chested Chesthugger
Flattering Ram Fleasaur Fluffy Biggerfoot Fluffy Dummy
Flugelhornet Flying Skull Flying Spaghetti Monster Fnord
Forest Grump Fortune Wookiee Foul Fowl Fountain of Youth
Four Pedestrians Of The Apocalypse Fractal Elf Fragrant Skunk Frankenfurter
Frankintestine Fridge Magnate Fridge Raider Frog of War
Fruit Ninja Frying Dutchman Full Metal Jackrabbit Full-Metal Arsonist
Funeral Crasher
- G - <Top>
Gallows Humorist Game Overlord Garden Gnome Garlic Elemental
Gas Giant Geek Squad Gene Pool Shark General Consensus
General Failure General Grievance Generic Enemy Generic Evil-doer
Genetic Throwback Geronimoose GhostFace Ghoulkeeper
Giant Enemy Crab Giant Midget Giga Byter Giggling %monster%
Giggling Pigasus Gingerhead Man Glitchiker Global Village Idiot
Gloomy Optimist Glowing Grue Glowing Ninja Gluteus Maximus
Glutton For Punishment Gnomebreaker Gnomeland Security Agent Gnomewrecker
Godly Passion Godvilla Godvillain Godville Administrator
Gold Farmer Gold Flinger Google-eyed Android Gore-to-gore Salesman
Gorgon Zola Governator Grammar Pirate Grammar Policeman
Grand Theft Automaton Grandfather Croc Grassy Gnoll Grayscaled Dragon
Grease Monkey Great Caesar's Ghost Green Fairy Green Intern
Grill Sergeant Grim Creeper Grim Leaper Grim Reaper
Grim Weeper Grimoire Reaper Grizzled Bear Grounded Hog
Grupies Guardian Gnome Guerilla Gorilla Guild Usurper
Guilty Plesiosaur Guitar Hero Gummi Bear Gummy Wyrm
Gunboat Diplomat Guttersniper
- H - <Top>
Habeas Corpse Hair Elemental Hairy Potter Hall Minotaur
Hamburglar Hanker Chief Harebrained Schemer Harlem Gnometrotter
Harrier Pigeon Harvester of Sorrow Hateful %monster% Hawaiian Puncher
He-Who-Must-Be-Ashamed He-who-must-not-be-ashamed Headless Chicken Headless Honcho
Headless Hydra Headless Oarsman Healium Baboon Heart Attacker
Heating Elemental Heavenlowerer Heavy Machine Gnu Heffalump
Helium Baboon Hell Kitty Hell Monitor Hell's Bell-Ringer
Hell's Kitten Hellaphant Hellephant Hellevangelist
Hellevator Operator Hemogoblin Hemophiliac Skeleton Hemophobic Vampire
Henforcer Hentaur Herbivorous Plant Hero's Guide to Edible Monsters
Heromnivore Hiccupping Wizaardvark Hidden Dragon Higgs Bison
Hindsight Seer Hiphopopotamus Hippo Crit Hippopotamouse
Hired Goon Hired Painkiller Hit Pointillist Hit-and-Walker
Hoarse Whisperer Hobo Sapien Hobo-Cop Holey Cow
Holey Ghost Holy Carp Holy Heretic Holy Mass Murderer
Holykeeper Horrible Filefry Horse Horse of Babylon
Horseless Headsman Hot Air Buffoon Hot Cross Bunny Hot Dog
Hot Sauce Springs Hound of Music House Keeper of the Dead Housekeeper of the Dead
Howling Void Huggernaut Humanatee Hunchback of Monsterdam
Hungry Hungry Hypocrite Hunny Bear Hyper Lynx Hypnopotamus
- I - <Top>
Iago Ice Borg Ice Cream Clone Ideabox Guardian
Ideabox Rejector Ideaboxer Identified Flying Object Identity Thief
Illegal Guardian Imaginary Threat Immoral Porpoise Immunogoblin
Imp-Personator Incendiary Firefly Inceptionist Income Taxidermist
Incomplete Idio Indecisive Shapeshifter Indeterminator Industrial Park Ranger
Inedible Hulk Ineptocrat Inevitable Hulk Infamouse
Infernal Auditor Infernal Revenue Agent Infidel Castro Inflatabull
Info Superhighwayman Infrared Mouse Inglourious Basterd Inn Spectre
Inncreeper Inner Child Inner Demon Innocent Bystander
Insecurity Guard Inside Joker Insomni-Yak Installation Wizard
Insufferable Boar Interior Desecrator Interloping Antelope Internet Explorer
Interrupting Cow Intraterrestrial Inverted Mouse Invisible Pink Unicorn
Invisigoth Iron Chef Ironic Giant Ironing Man
Irrelephant Itch King
- J - <Top>
Jabberwookie Jack Lantern Jack the Tripper Jackal-of-All-Trades
Jackalope Jacked Sparrow Jalapeño Pauper Jalapeño Pauper
Janitaur Jaywalking Chicken Jealous Sidekick Jelly Golem
Jellydancer Jibber-Jabberwocky Jitter-Bug Jugglernaut
Jumping Slider Jurassic Lark Juxtaphysician Jägermonster
- K - <Top>
Kamelkaze Karate Squid Karma Chameleon Karmachanic
Kill Joy Killer App Killer Rabbit Killer Tomato
Killerbyte King Thong King of Clovers Kinky Kong
Kitchen Sphinx Kleptobrainiac Knee-high Archer Knight Who Says Ni
Knight-Mare Knightmare Ku Klux Clown Kung Fool
Kung Pow Chicken
- L - <Top>
Laardvark Labrador Deceiver Lag Monster Lame Duck
Land Mime Landshark Laser Mouse Last Hairbender
Late Knight Leeroy Jenkins Legal Weasel Legion-Hare
Lego Golem Legs Dealer Lesser Scot Lesser Scott
Lesser of Two Weevils Level Boss Levitating ManBearPig Life Insurance Salesman
Ligerian Prince Lightning Dolt Lightningale Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger
Like-a-boss Monster Litter Bug Litterbug Little Green Man
Live Saturday Knight Lizard of Oz Loan Ranger Loan Shark
Loch Ness Mobster Lode Runner Logistical Nightmare Lone Rearranger
Lonely Hive Mind Loose Changeling Lord of the Dunce Lord of the Keyring
Lorem Ipsum Lost Sole Lost Viking Lounge Lizard
Love Bug Low-flying Ostrich Lying King
- M - <Top>
MacDeath Machiavillain Mad Clown Mad Scientist
Mailer Daemon Main Square Parrot Major Disappointment Major Problem
ManBearPig Margarine Fly MargarineFly Marquis de Sad
Masqueraider Master Chef Master of Disaster Master of Puppies
Mathemagician Mathemortician Mathlete Maul Cop
Maul Rat Maxwell's Demon Maître Demon Mechanical Minitaur
Mechanical Redshirt Medieval Knieval Mediocrates Mediogre
Medusa's Hairdresser Mega Pixel Melee Archer Menthol Camel
Merchant of Menace Metal Slug Methylated Spirit Methylated Spiritualist
Metro Gnome Micromanager Migrating Minitaur Milestone Golem
Millenium falcon Millennium Bug Millennium Falcon Mimic Milestone
Mindless Consumer Mine Sweeper Minitaur Minor Glitch
Minotourist Misanthropic Lycanthrope Misfortune Teller Missing-In-Action Figure
Mission Creep Mobile Anthill Moby Duck Modest Mouse
Molar Bear Moleosaurus Molotov Cockatrice Mona Lizard
Monocled Penguin Monophobic Hermit Monorail Cat Monotonous Drone
Monster Hangover Monster in Training Monster's Stunt Double Monster-in-Law
Monsters' Rights Activist Monstrous Appetite Monterey Jackal Monty Python
Mood Killer Moonswine Moosenger of Death Moosequito
Morbid Dummy Morbid Peacelock Morbid Zombo-Wirt Mortal Frienemy
Mortal Tomcat Mortal Wombat Moss Cow Motley Crew
Motor Pike Mouseferatu Moving Target Mud Golem
Mudslinger Muffin Man Multi-legged Luggage Multi-tusked Mammoth
Multidexterous Millipede Multilegged E-bowler Murdersquito Murphy's In-Law
Murphy's Law Murphy's Lawmaker Music Pirate Mutating Algorithm
- N - <Top>
Napalm Reader Narcoleptic Sheep Nasty Bridezilla Nature's Wraith
Navi-Gator Ne'er-do-whale Necessary Evil Neck Romancer
Necromantis Necropanzer Necrophobic Zombie Neighbourhood Witch
Nervous Tick Net Troll Never-ending Story Teller Neverwinter Knight
Neverwinter Wight New Times Roman Nine Inch Snail Ninja Pirate
Ninja Tortoise Ninja-starfish Ninjabread Man No Holds Bard
No Man's Landlord No One No-good Do-gooder Nomad Scientist
Nomadic Ghoulkeeper Non Sequiturtle Non-Pierced %monster% Non-Terminal Repeating Phantasm
Nondescript Villain Northpole Dancer Northpole dancer Nosferatuna
Nostradamoose Not-So-Brave Knight Notary of Death Nothing
Nuclear Watchdog Nuclear-Powered Plant
- O - <Top>
ORLY Owl Obli-Gator Obnoxious Biowolf Obnoxious Chupacabra
Obtuse Angler OctoBear Octopus' Guardian Octopuss in Boots
Ogre Achiever Old Knightmare Omnomnomnivore One-Hit Wonder
One-armed Archer One-armed Bandit One-eyed Beholder One-headed Brahmin
One-hit Wanderer One-legged Centipede Onion Ringleader Operetta Phantom
Optical Illusionist Optimus Slime Orc Angel Orc Of The Covenant
Orc of the Covenant Organ Grinder Origami Dragon Original Imposter
Original Impostor Orthodontisaur Ottoman Umpire Out-Sorcerer
Out-of-Frame Monster Out-of-shapeshifter Outsourced Monster Over-confident Noob
Overtaker Oxy-Moron
- P - <Top>
Pac Man Pacifist Mercenary Pack Rat Page Golem
Paladjinn Pandora's Boxer Panic Attacker Panteater
Panzer Dragon Paper Pusher Paranoid Android Paranormal Activist
Parasitic Symbiote Parrot Trooper Part-time Traveller Passive Aggressor
Pastafarian Pastafarian Prophet Pawn of the Dead Peacelock
Peanut Butter Jellyfish Peking Duck Pentagoon Penultimate Samurai
Perfect Stranger Personal Drainer Personal Space Invader Pessimus Prime
Phantasm Philosoraptor Photocopycat Pie Assassin
Pigasus Piggy Banker Piggybank Robber Pillow Fighter
Pillsbury Homeboy Pin-up Ghoul Pinball Wizard Pink Elephant
Pirate of the 7 Cs Pixel Hunter Pixie Plankton Of The Opera
Plant-eating Zombie Plastic Sturgeon Plato's Caveman Playdough Golem
Player #2 Plot Spoiler Plywood Golem Pocket Monster
Pocketwatchdog Poisonous Unicorndog Pokergeist Polardroid
Polaroid Bear Pollen-Allergic Bee Poltergoose Polterguest
Poly-Atheist Possessed Demon Possessed Exorcist Post-Mortem Artist
Post-mortem Artist Postman Of The Apocalypse Postman of the Apocalypse Postmortem Graduate
Poultry Geist Powerless Ranger Praise Spider Prancing Pony
Prankenstein Predatortoise Preemptive Shrike Presidential Seal
Prim Reaper Prime Sinister Prince Harming Prince of Dorkness
Prince of Whales Pro-Life Zombie Procrastinator Prom Knight
Proxymoron Pseudo Nymph Psycho Dramatist Psychopathogen
Psycophant Pungeon Master Punk Flamingo Punslinger
Purple Hero Eater Puzzled Sphinx Pygmy Giant Pyrophobic Phoenix
- Q - <Top>
Quaker Guy Quantum Butterfly Quantum Leap Frog Quantum Physician
Quantum Sheep Quasidodo Queen Kong Quibbling Pedant
Quivering %monster% Quivering Nervous Tick
- R - <Top>
Racketeer Gatekeeper Radical Prohibitionist Radioactive Cockroach Radioactivist
Raging Bulldozer Raging Hormone Rain Deer Rain-Bow Archer
Rainbow Unicorn Randominatrix Rathing Mome Ravenous Bugblatter Beast
Reagent Provocateur Reanimated Sprite Rebel-Lion Rector Yoda
Recycloholic Recyclops Red Bull Red Robin Hood
Redshirt Regenerating Degenerate Registered Hex Offender Rejected Monster
Repossessed Soul Reservoir Dog Resident Weevil Retrospectre
Reverend Bizarre Reverse Engineer Reverse Psychologist Revolving Dormouse
Rey-Eyed B-bowler Rhinestoneceros Rhubarbarian Ring Wyrm
Rival Guild Fanboy Roaming Gnome Robbed Zombie Robbing Hood
Robbing Hoodlum Robot Chicken Rock Lobster Rock'em Sock'em Robot
Rockin' Troll Rocktopus Rocky Raccoon Rocky Roadie
Roflraptor Roger Robot Rolling Boulder Romanticore
Roof Pig Rookie Monster Rootkitten Rorschach
Rotten %monster% Royal Jellyfish Rubber Duckie Rug Rat
Runestone Cowboy Rushing Zergling
- S - <Top>
Sabertooth Fairy Sabertooth Squirre Sabertooth Squirrel Sacrificial Prawn
Sad Hatter Sad Panda Safety Dancer Salt-resistant Slug
Salvador Dalek Sanctimonious Whiner Sans Sheriff Santa Claws
Sarcastic Samurai Satan Claus Satan's Little Helper Savings Pantheon
Sawed-off Shogun Scape Goat Scare Bear Scared Crow
Scared Moonswine Scared Pentagoon Scarepion Scentaur
Scentipede Schizoid Man Schizophrenic Hydra Schoolyard Bully
Schrödinger's Cat Schrödinger's Possum Schrödinger's Cat Schrödinger's Possum
Scorntrooper Scotch Guard Sea Troll Search Engineer
Seasick Crocodile Secretary of Offense Security Badger Seeing-eye Mole
Self-Assassin Self-Fulfilling Prophet Self-Terminator Selfish Gene
Selfish Shellfish Semanticore Septic Tank Commander Serial Killer Bee
Serial Self-killer Serial Therapist Sesame Street Fighter Seven Year Lich
Sewer Gator Sewer Horse Shadow Worrier Shadow of a Doubt
Shaggy Recyclops Shaman Kong Shampoodle Sharp Dressed Mandrill
Sharp-eared MacDeath Sharp-eared Vampirate Sheep in Wolf's Clothes Sheepshifter
Shift-shaper Shock Therapist Shoe Hornet Shoop Da Whoop
Shooting Tsar Shopping Mauler Short-sighted Visionary Short-term Prophet
Shoving Leopard Shuffling Hentaur Sighted Escargoat Significant Otter
Silent Alarmist Silent Knight Silent Lamb Silly Goose
Singing Shark Sir Dance-a-lot Sir Render Sitting Duck
Slender Man Slim Reaper Slithy Tove Smashing Pumpkin
Smoke Detective Smooth Criminal Snake Oil Salesman Snap-Dragon
Snow Angel Soccer Mummy Social Parasite Social Security Guard
Sock Eating Machine Sock Elemental Sock Monkey Software Pirate
Solar Bear Soldier of Misfortune Soldier of misfortune Sole Eater
Son of a Glitch Son of a Gun Son of a Witch Sore Winner
Soul Supreme Space Indevater Space Invader Space Monkey
Spag-Yeti Spaghetti Elemental Spaghetti Westerner Spambot
Spanish Inquisitor Spark Pug Special Character Spectral Spectre
Speed Sloth Spell-Podcaster Spelling Bee Sphinx
Spice Ghoul Spice Worm Spider Pig Spinal Columnist
Spraying Mantis Spring Chicken Spywarewolf Squared Elephantom
Squid Pro Quo Squirmisher Stalking Horse Stand-up Chameleon
Standard Deviant Staple Gunner Star Crossed Astrologist Star-crossed Astrologist
Stare Master Starfish Trooper Starless Knight Starving Artist
Static Electrician Steam-Powered Pleasurebot Steamed Punk Steel Rat
Stereotypical Villain Stick Figure Stomach Bug Stoned Golem
Stool Pigeon Stooping %monster% Strange Stranger Street Fighter
Street Mage Stripeless Zebra Stunt Double Agent Sturgeon General
Stuttering Mime Stuttering Spellcaster Stygian Pixie Subhero
Subliminal Messenger Substitute Creature Sulphuric Aphid Sumo Ninja
Sun Dog Sun dog Sunbathing Vampire Sunday Driver
Superb Owl Superhighwayman Supersonic Hedgehog Supersonic Woodpecker
Superstarfish Surreal Killer Suspended Animator Suspicious Character
Sweaty Yeti Sweeny Toad Swiss Army Knight Sycophantom
Syntax Terror Synthetic Organism
- T - <Top>
Tae Kwon Dodo Talking Donkey Talkshow Ghost Task Killer
Task Manager Tea Rex Team Spirit Technical Fowl
Technicolor Dream Goat Technophobic Robot Televangelist Temperamental Elemental
Tempered Glass Dragon Tempermental Elemental Temple Safety Inspector Tenacious Bee
Tentacula Terminator T-34 Terracotta Worrier Terror Bull
Terror Dactyl Terror-aki Chicken Terrorbyte There-Wolf
Thesaurus Rex Thief Of Time Thief of Time Thieving Vending Machine
Thin Client Thing From Under the Bed Thirteenth Apostate Thought Policeman
Three-Headed Monkey Three-String Samurai Three-eyed Cyclops Three-toed Legion-Hare
Three-toed Spambot Thugs Bunny Thumb Raider Thumb Wrestler
Thunder Gnat Thunder Rat Tic Tac Toad Ticker Tapir
Ticking Crocodile Tickle Monster Tiger Lily Time Fly
Tiny-Sized Giant Tinyfoot Tire Iron Lion Tireless Spambot
Titanium Gingerbread Man Tofu Golem Tombstone Salesman Tongue Twister
Toothless Vampire Topiary Golem Torrent Leech Torture Chamberlain
Totem Pole Dancer Tower Defender Toxic Wastrel Traffic Clone
Trans Fat Cat Tribbleshooter Trigger Happy Camper Tripodal Spider
Trojan Horse Trojan Piñata Trojan Piñata Troll Booth Attendant
Tropical Yeti Trouble Shooter Truth-or-Dare Devil Tunnel Visionary
Turncoat Of Arms Tweedle Doom Tweeting Bird Two Trick Pony
Two-handed Swordfish Typo Demon Tyrannosaurus-Ex
- U - <Top>
Ultra Violent Ray Unaccompanied Miner Uncertainty Principal Unchangeling
Unchosen One Uncivil Servant Undead %monster% Undead Pixel
Undead Shadow Puppet Underbed Monster Undercover Elephant Underwear Wolf
Undie-taker Unfamiliar Familiar Ungrateful %monster% Ungrateful Dead
Unhappy Camper Unholy Mackerel Unicorn Unicorndog
Unicow Unicycle Gang Member Union Jackal Unknown User
Unlimited Editor Unlucky Leprechaun Unnoticeable Errorist Unnoticeable Laardvark
Unpleasant Dinner Guest Unreal Estate Agent Unregistered Pet Unspeakable Words
Unusual Suspect Utility Polecat
- V - <Top>
Vampirate Vampire Brat Vamplifier Vector Field
Vegan Cannibal Vegetarian Cannibal Vegetarian Vulture Velcromancer
Vengeful Mole Venom Moss Verbal Assault Specialist Vertigoat
Very Hungry Caterpillar Veteran Kamikaze Vintage Whiner Virtual Enemy
Virtual Realtor Virtual Threat Vogon Poet Voodoo Barbie
Vorpal Rabbit Vorpal Wabbit Vorporal Rabbit
- W - <Top>
Waking Nightmare Wal-Martian Walking Dead Wall Dog
Wanna Bee Warlock Holmes Warrior Of Attrition Wasted Youth
Wastelands of Insomnia Watchdog Animaniac Watchdog Fleasaur Watertight Seal
Weakest Lynx Websurfing Spider Wedding Knight Were-Panther
Were-Panther-II Werebeaver Wererobot Weresmurf
Western Broom Warlock Whale of Fortune Whambulance Driver Whatchamacallit
Wherewolf Wi-Fly Wight Watcher Wiki Lynx
Wild Balloon Animal Wild Guest Wild Thing Willy-the-Wasp
Window Viper Winged Buffalo Winged Buggalo Winking Deer
Wizaardvark Wizard of Osmosis Wookalar Worcestershire Cat
Worcestershire Sorcerer Worthy Opponent Wounded Heroes Wounder Man
Wrecking Bull Wumpus Wuss in Boots
- Y - <Top>
Yapping %monster% Yellow Bear Yellow-Snow Man Yoga Bear
Yorkshire Mammoth
- Z - <Top>
Zeitghost ZomBee Zombie Snail Zombie's Ghost
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