Zombieskin overcoat

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Equipment of Godville
Zombieskin overcoat
Worn 👕Body
Durability +1 to +5
Description Unknown

This is the ultimate fashion accessory for the discerning hero, and also comes in quite handy for keeping the cold out if there's no one around to see how great you look in it.

It does however have a very high maintenance requirement due to the nature of the fabric and it's habit of dropping pieces as you walk, but a ready supply of coat-patches can usually be found. One of the useful attributes of this coat is it's ability to attract living nearby zombies, thus ensuring a never-ending supply of replacement material.

Luckily, the risk of a zombieskin-overcoat wearing hero being attacked by marauding zombies is quite low as they only eat brains. Unluckily, zombies are dying out becoming scarcer in areas where large numbers of heroes hang out.

It does only come in black due the steadily decaying nature of the zombie skins, however if you can get them early enough, it's possible to get patches in shades of green or even purple to adorn this durable and practical coat. The smell may be a little off-putting at first, but some heroes have said that it has actually improved the way they smell, and they are welcomed in many more places with the coat on.