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Monsters of Godville
Victus Mortuus Anthophila
Class Undead
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

The ZomBee (Victus Mortuus Anthophila) is a monster that is a zombified bee featured in a number of B movies and discovery documentaries. It likes sucking bloo--- I mean sucking rotten blood honey. It is the size of any other bee, but tends to act differently in social gatherings and bee homecoming dances or proms.



  • Is a bee, so it can fly
  • Actually pretty small, so it moves fast
  • Many heroes were scared of it in its natural bee state, much less in its current form
  • Other heroes won't understand what you're talking about if they have never seen one for themselves


  • Tends to pass flowers, making it easier to tell it's not a normal bee
  • Cannot reproduce
  • Usually travels alone, may suffer from beepression
  • Can't say brains
  • dying inside