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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Description Constellation-strewn bovid.
Boss Type Above-Ground
Part Level Level 1–2

The Zodiyak (taxonomy not yet assigned) is bovine to the stars. Or of the stars? Nobody is quite certain, because nobody has yet ascertained if the constellations all over its body are natural markings or some sort of tattooing.

Two Theories of Origin

The Zodiyak is a boss monster most commonly found above ground, but is now increasingly seen in datamines. It is very hard to miss, resembling a pitch-black gnu spangled with constellations. A very large gnu with constellations.

Science knows it fairly intimately, as well, because among all cryptids, it has a completely anomalous genetic code. (And that's saying something.) It's so anomalous that some researchers go as far as to call it "alien," which leads to the first of two theories of origin put forth about it:

1. The Zodiyak is a creature from far beyond the reaches of Godville, falling from the skies and prowling the landscape, utterly lost because the navigational chart tattooed on its own skin proved inadequate for its journey.

This theory has been sometimes discounted. The reasons are ratber insulting, so won't be repeated here. There is a competing origin theory:

2. The Zodiyak was an ordinary gnu until the day the Leveller and a goddess needed to settle an issue of chance and The Great Random was too busy to talk with them. The goddess being as poor as her hero and the Leveller being a monster and thus without pockets, neither of them had a coin to flip, so they decided to make some form of die. Leveller put a paw over his eyes and pointed randomly, and the goddess scooped up the first unlucky object so indicated. Pity the poor gnu. Since all die need spots, they painted it with constellations. Since the goddess had poor eyesight, they made it much larger. Then they rolled it. The gnu, now a disgruntled Zodiyak, sprang to its hooves and ran away, vowing vengeance on hero and monster alike, so the Leveller and goddess had to go pester The Great Random again to solve their quandry.

This second origin theory is widely accepted in Godville, its population knowing well the foibles of gods and goddesses, and even foremost members of the higher education institutions of the land credit its possibility.

If ever a Zodiyak is captured alive (not reanimated), a good number of questions may be answered.



  • Unreasoning anger and desperation to survive.
  • The luck of the occult skies.
  • Ability to flash its glimmering constellations and dazzle all attackers at once.


  • Seems perpetually lost.
  • Unreasoning anger and desperation to survive.
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