Your Mom

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Who else in this Universe worth fighting entropy and irreverence; in a land where no one will hear your screams over th laughs of parody... There is, Your Mom.

Become a fan of Your Mom, and once you've obtained full spiritual enlightenment in the ways of the 13 Tennants, 42 Cantos, 113 Psalms, and 666 Guidelines of Wholesome living (such as: always wear clean undies, you never know when a Octarine Ogre will smash you when you stand) handed down by Your Mom, you too will fulfill the dreams of those who came before and will always be cooler than Ricky Masterson's Mom who bakes the cookies that Your Mom always says are really storebought and should never be winning any trophies at tg PTA bake-off.

Join now, become a follower of Your Mom; there's cookies.