Yggdrasil The Ash Tree

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Yggdrasil The Ash Tree
Motto: The axis of Godville
Alignment: All and any
Gold Fund: 23657 c.u.
Date Founded: 1003 e.g.
Membership Count: 72
Pantheon of unity Rank: 217
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 188
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 187
Forum Headquarters: Yggdrasil The Ash Tree
Guild Page: Yggdrasil The Ash Tree 
Data current as of 02/02/2013

  • Norse mythology revolves around an ever green ash tree of prodigious dimensions, on which the universe is supported, Yggdrasil (pron.: ˈɪɡdrəsɪl).

  • This guild is a place to unite people from all corners of Godville, without prejudice of alignment or level. YTAT is the guild that has roots on every plane of existence, from Guilds' Headquarters to Unspecifiedistan
  • ᛤ is our symbol. It represents the heavens (the top) hell (the bottom). Any member of YTAT is welcome to copy and paste this into their motto, etc.


Welcome to YTAT, Our goal is to be a definite place. We will provide you with entertainment and lessons, but we ask to spread our word to all places in Godville

Join "Yggdrasil The Ash Tree" guild!

If your hero/heroine listens he/she will embark on a quest to join us. If he/she is being stubborn and not listening try to send it again.

A little bit of information about our structure: We are located at Yggdrasil's roots, which works as our own wall against invaders. Eight towers have sentinels checking our perimeter to make sure no reality vortex, unwelcome intruders or any beasts can reach Mimisbrunnr, the reflection well that lies at the center of our HQ complex.

At the center of the complex stand our HQ complex. It holds within seven floors and many lower levels, known only to members and invited individuals. It's a state of the art facility that holds our initiates apartments, research center, extensive library, six restaurants, broad conference centers, visitors apartments, medical facility, information center, employee apartments, many elevators and bathrooms.

At our complex's left you will have private chateaux that are given to our most outstanding members and Letter of Passage holders. They are custom designed to their owners needs.

At our complex's right side you will find our Gymnasium, Control Center and Admission Center.

Meet the Members!

YTAT Members (not in order)
GodFenris The Destroyer 

GodCeriane  GodMiss Magic 

Special Thanks

These gods and goddesses are not members, but have helped us to become who we are today

There are many that helped on the journey of idealizing and finding a portal to Yggdrasil. On this list is a few that gave their time, blood, sweat and tears to pave the way.

First and foremost is Hairplug4men. His insightful knowledge and hands on approach helped create what is now our wiki page. He lent a lot of his time to brainstorm a way to maximize our view of life.

Second is our beloved Dogess. If it wasn't for her Rodrigo Augustus would never had found a way to Yggdrasil. By constantly making him bleed and having her pet Pumba lead the way, Dogess made that trip seems like it happened in no time. Pumba now has a good friend in Nidhoggr and will always be welcome to gnaw on the three roots with him

Third is our dynamic duo Iduna/Epona. You two can throw a mean party and made my stay at Sowing Sun memorable. I might hand some letters of passage to both of you.

Fourth is NaturalBlondeChick. Thank you for allowing me to move on and not making me a prisoner on Sowing Suns's guild headquarters.

To all others that helped: our sincere thanks and you are always gonna be welcome.


Yggdrasil stands at the center of everything. It connects every point in existence and holds the very fabric of our world together. This tree appears since immemorial times on northern Asian cultures. Later on it's said that Norsemen had contact with those cultures and, extremely influenced their way of seeing life, used this reference as central part of it's culture. From it's roots to the tip of her branches, Yggdrasil holds our plane together, and on every corner there's a portal to a new place.

Wonderful Members

GodRodrigo Augustus 

Our beloved creator and leader gave his blood and life to create and expand our beloved guild. He's now on his way to the House of Silence and we hope he will come back someday

Letter of Passage Holders

Letter of passage.jpg

This is an honor bestowed to our greatest contributors, friends and VIP personas. Unfortunately they are not members of YTAT, but they helped make it what it is today and continue to shape it's future. With this letter they will be able to come and go as they pleased on any plane of existence,disfruit of their own personal chateaux, with a private chef, maid and personal space for their pets.

Our first class of individuals receiving this couldn't be better. They are present on every part of Godville and help shape many of our players. Please welcome with a warm round of applause:



Doctor Frank-n-further


Bellatrixie The Strange


Lady Darkness

Epona Dernhelm

Today we are proud to announce our second class of LoP holders. Both passed through a most rigorous test of fire by winning our tournaments and proving their valor. Please stand up and give a sound ovation to:

Raindropstop Winner of YTAT Opening Tournament

Drill Sergeant2 Winner of YTAT summer Tournament

Ytat hq.png

Please note, this Wiki page is still in construction.