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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Yay Sunshine!” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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Members of the guild Yay Sunshine! are the cheerful, careless folk. They play around all the time and laugh in the face of death. The people of this guild are slightly dangerous to be around as they are highly unpredictable, and might forcefully pour a gallon of beer down your throat and then spend a half hour laughing in your face.

The main thing that holds the Yay Sunshiners! together is the love of the sun (hence the name, Yay Sushine!), and their greatest fear is that the sun will burn out. About once a month, instead of going about their usual joyfully careless business, a Yay Sunshiner! will spend an entire day (24 hours) sitting in their colorful homes, brooding and praying and being murderous to anyone who dares disturb them, being basically the opposite of their usual personality. This is because they are having a religious day, quietly worshiping their sunny god or goddess. Some of this sacred day is also devoted to worrying about when the sun will burn out. They love the sun because of its beautiful gold color.

Members of the Yay Sunshine! guild obsessively follow any book, magazine, internet site, or newspaper article that says anything about the sun. As a result, these people know so much about the sun it's scary, and will call time-outs in battle to refer to or look up something about the sun in a book, magazine, or newspaper that they carry around with them. These folk are cleverer than we give them credit for; they spend so much time reading through things for facts about the sun, they pick up things in the article that aren't about the sun, and, having unnervingly good memories, these many facts stay in their heads, and they have quite a bit of information about the world around them that not many people have bothered to look up and store away in their heads.

Due to their scary cleverness, the Yay Sunshine! guild members are not ones to cross, despite their weird cheerfulness. Offend one, and you might spend several days tied to a tree being smacked in the face and laughed at.

Also, Yay Sunshiners! are very mysterious. You can get them as laughing and as drunk and you want, but they will never spill their secrets, not even if you feed them truth potion. They have a seemingly magical ability to gain trust, but never give any information themselves.

A Yay Sunshiner! loves disguise, to they may walk around the same area five times in a week, each day wearing a different ridiculous costume, pretending to be a different person every time. They will go to any measure for a good laugh, and might dress as five different people and pretend to newly meet and befriend some random person each time they put on a different costume, then run home and roll around on the floor, choking with uncontrollable laughter for up to six hours.