Yari no Shimai

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Yari no Shimai
Motto: The Sisters always protect their own.
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 0 c.u.
Date Founded: August 29, 2015
Membership Count: 1
Guild Page: Yari no Shimai 
Data current as of August 29, 2015

Guild Information

The Sisters of the Spear are fierce warriors and great minds, working with technology and magic from realms all across every reality in order to create new and exciting things. Any member of the Sisters is given training in the martial arts, as well as being given the opportunity to join a division of their choosing.

Through circumstances not quite known, the Sisters were largely destroyed, leaving only their Station and two members- Lucille and Genna Valerie, two of the few blood sisters that reside among the Sisters. The guild is in the stages of re-building, and they have come to Godville to recruit and explore.

The Research Division

The Research Division is dedicated to studying the tech and magic brought in by the Sisters, figuring out how it works and using it to create new things. All of the medicine, magic, weapons, and technology of the Sisters are created by this Division.

The Training Division

The Training Division is in charge of teaching the new Sisters, whether it be in the usage of the technology, in the martial arts used by the sisters, or in the various schools of magic from across all realities.

The Exploration Division

This division is in many ways the most important. The Exploration Division travels the realities, brining in the technology, magic, and techniques for the Research Division to study. They are charged with gathering knowledge for the Libraries, and with obtaining anything that is new to the Sisters. Their job is the biggest, their time the fullest. The Explorer Sisters are highly respected among the others.

The Security Division

The Security Division are the elite warriors of the Sisters, those who have mastered the Way of the Spear, as well as the extensive array of martial arts all the Sisters receive training in. They are tasked with the protection of the Station, as well as of the Politik Division and each individual Sister.

The Politik Division

The Politik Division is made up of very few Sisters. The leaders of each Division are considered members of both the Politik Division and their own. They vote on any guild-wide decisions, with the leader of the Sisters acting as the head of the Politik Division and having the tie-breaking vote. Each member of the Politik Division, five in total, has two bodyguards and a secretary, and they are treated with the utmost respect.

Guild Rankings

Amongst the Sisters, there are Ranks, which are universal throughout each Division. A member of the Sisters may earn these ranks through several methods, which will be listed below.

High Ranks

Mother- A Sister who has become the leader of any of the divisions has gained the rank of Mother.

High Mother- The leader of the Sisters and the Politik Division is called the High Mother.

True Sister- A Sister who reaches the rank of Cardinal in Godville rankings is considered a True Sister.

Mid Ranks

Spearhead- Any Sister who demonstrates serious commitment to the Way of the Spear, regardless of Division, is considered a Spearhead.

Wyrm- The highest ranked fighter amongst the Sisters is called the Wyrm. This is decided by way of a yearly tournament, the Dragonlance Tourney.

Novella- Any Sister who contributes significantly to the research and invention of the Sisters is given the title of Novella.

Bookwyrm- The Sister who, each year, has contributed the most to the research and inventions of the Sisters.

Low Ranks

Sister- Any member of the Sisters is given this rank.

Spear- Any member who has completed their training is given this rank.

A member who has obtained multiple ranks considers only their highest rank. The proper way for a Sister to write their position in the guild is "Rank> Name> Division." For example, Genna Valerie would write her position as "Mother Genna Valerie, Exploration Division."


The Sisters do not, in fact, restrict their membership to females. They originated as a female only guild, but they recognize that this can no longer be the case. For this to be fulfilled properly, any male members are given ranks in equivalent terms. The only holdover from the time of a purely female time is the rule that states that a male can fill any rank EXCEPT the High Mother. The High Mother will always be female. The Sisters thank you for your understanding.