Wrecking Bull

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Wrecking Bull
Strong Monster
Class Bull
Description Unknown

A Wrecking Bull is a random visitor to the towns and countryside of Godville.

General Information

Long years of breeding for Arena contests against specialized Bull fighting (or extremely stupid) Heroes led to its peculiar shape and uncertain temperament.

When the viewing public decided that they preferred to watch Hero fighting Hero, the Bulls were suddenly redundant. The Arena Powers That Be decided firstly that they would sell the Bulls off to local butchers for their meat, only to have the first few returned as not only being as tough as a very tough thing, but also tasting bloody awful.

Having had to pay handsomely to get rid of the stinking corpses, the Powers That Be decided that the cheapest option would be to simply let the rest of the Bulls go, reasoning that they would eventually run up against wandering Heroes good enough to vanquish them and furthermore, disposal of the stinking corpses would become somebody else's problem. This has not been entirely successful as many less experienced Heroes have been vanquished and have provided loot and gold to keep the Bulls going.

Even more worryingly, their period of captivity has given these Monsters some of the less desirable Human traits and a Bull who has just made a score from some unfortunate Hero tends to head for town and proceed to get rascally drunk, causing havoc and destruction, gloom and despondency, especially for Traders specializing in china and fine porcelain.

As if that were not enough, a few of the beasts have met with the even rarer Wrecking Cows and, er, made themselves attractive to them. Godville shudders to think of what the offspring of such a hellish liaison will be like and frankly, it doesn't want to find out.



  • Extremely strong, fast and angry
  • Got a Wrecking Ball


  • Gets confused if you cover its head with a red rag and doesn't know where to look
  • Gets extremely nervous in the presence of Horseradish
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