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Artifacts of Godville
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Unknown
Cost No godpower
Effect Restore 50% of Godpower

No one knows the true story of the creation of the Worship-o-meter, or no one wanted to know it, due to it being such a secret. If you know about this object, all taverns in Godville will close and all heroes will become smart and able to use their intellects, plus their weapons.

With a whispering voice, we are writing a little story of worship-o-meter, found in a holy book of Godville Library: 4th floor, fifth tile, section M, third desk to the right, above the 10th light across , near the 23rd window...or it was 50th floor, 4th tile, section L?

In the beginning, the Godville admin said,

"Let there be light!"

and the Godville Administrator created light!

Beautiful creation, isn't it? But the gods of Godville were not so happy. Light was hurting their eyes. But at the beginning, it was all dark and with darkness, it was too difficult to make everything. Another god tried explaining to the Godville admin what they wished:

A tool for shooting a hero from the sky to earth.

The Godville admin nodded, and a lightning strike created the tool.

The gods explained that lightning is much too expensive, because it consumed 25% of total power, and only the prayer of a hero can refill power. But they know that heroes are lazy, idiotic and drunk all the time.

The Godville admin, in His Will, thought of a solution and created a little sheep mug with a tiny meter near where lazy and drunken heroes have their beer. My gods will have a sheep mug for a god's beer: Fire for fire, Water for water, Beer for beer. This is a war against the heroes' stupidity. This is Spar...um, Godville! This tool will be named, worship-o-meter. "Go my sons and come back victorious, or drunken if you must."