Wolves in Wheelchairs

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Back in 56 B.C, A young herder was tending his flock in a small hamlet, time seems to have forgotten that the area is called Yogulazina. One night, an innocent lamb wandered too far from the herd and Gustav (we'll call him that, since history has also forgotten his name) had to go get him. As he was out allowing the light from his torch guide him - he could have gone out 6 hours earlier in daylight, but Gustav was never one for doing things during the day when everything was much more exciting at night - he came across this young man sawing on a fiddle and playing it hot.

"Gustav, what are you doing out here at this time of night? Don't you know how dangerous it is to be out here right now?"

"Henri, (We're assuming that is his name, because what fiddler isn't named Henri, am I right?) you can play a mean fiddle. I'm searching for Yusef, my lamb. Have you seen him? I mentioned gelding this morning and he's been gone ever since!"

Henri laughed and said, "Do you blame him? I wouldn't stick around either! Seriously though, you need to get indoors. My fiddle playing is keeping a horrible fiend at bay - he's dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight as we speak!"

"I appreciate the warning, but I must find Yusef. I'll be fine. I know karate!"

Gustav continued walking until he came upon a cave shrouded in mist. He went in thinking it was the perfect place for a lamb to bed down for the night. As he was in there examining the cave, he noticed a narrower passage where the ceiling was low enough that he had to squat down to see what was inside it. His torch picked up a light color on the rock in there so he went to take a look. What he found were some detailed cave paintings. The central figure in these paintings appeared to be an animal, a canine of some kind, but it was in a weird contraption...a chair, with wheels.

As he was examining the paintings, he failed to notice that the flame from his torch was licking the ceiling of the cave. He noticed only when he heard the cracking sound overhead. He looked up and saw a fairly large piece of the ceiling starting to give way. He dove for the entrance and was able to narrowly avoid being crushed by the rock slab...almost.

As the dust cleared, he noticed that he couldn't move his legs...couldn't feel them even. He cautiously looked down where his legs had always been, but he couldn't see them beyond the thighs. A large rock was crushing them.

"Well isn't that special?" He thought to himself. Some might say it was an odd thing to think at that time, but Gustav was always a bit "off". He might have been in shock, but if you ask any of his clan, they would say it was typical Gustav. Whatever the case may be, Gustav was stuck good. Just as he was about to give up, he heard a sound from elsewhere in the cave. He had lost his torch when he dove for his life, and couldn't see anything. The only thing he could tell was the sound was getting closer and it didn't sound like anything he'd heard before...

Thoughts whirled around in his head. Had he been foolish to ignore Henri? Had he been an idiot to want to have an adventure at night? Had he forgotten to pick up cheese curd from the dairy princess (she liked to be called that) earlier that day? These thoughts were quickly abandoned, however, as he felt the stone being lifted from his legs. That's when the pain started.

"Don't worry little one. I am here to help." he heard from the darkness. "I can make your pain go away and offer you a chance to join our clan. I can give you the adventure you crave. Truly, the Gods meant for this to happen. It's fate."

"What do you mean?" Gustav said through teeth clenched from pain.

"Simple, child. You have no use of your legs. You were meant to be one of us. Don't worry. This will only hurt for a moment." With that, he saw something move in the dim light of the cave. Something that didn't look normal.

"What are you?" Gustav asked. "I am Eternity, and it's time for you to join us." Upon saying that, a torch flared into being and he saw a black wolf sitting in a chair with wheels! Gustav remembered thinking to himself that if he got out of this alive, he was going to create several more of these things and market them as...what...moving chairs? No...didn't sound right. People carriers? No. Chairs with wheels? No. Wheelchairs, yes! and that way he could tell the story of the wolves in wheelchairs! Alliteration rules!

His thoughts were returned to the present quickly, however, as he noticed a sharp pain at his wrist. He looked over and saw that a small silver wolf biting into his wrist. What the!?

As the silver wolf backed away, Gustav felt something changing within him. He felt a power coursing through his body (well, most of his body). He also started to notice that he could see more easily in the dark cave. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed that there were more than two wolves in the cave. He could count at least 20 that he could see and they all were in wheelchairs.

Eternity raised his hands (paws?) and said, "Bring the chair!" Gustav saw that two wolves entered pushing a chair between them. Instinctively, Gustav knew this was for him, and he knew what had happened. This was confirmed when he looked down, and saw that his hands were replaced by tan paws. He knew he was home.(1)

This is the story as it is told in the Guild Halls of the Wolves in Wheelchairs. So are the members of the Wolves in Wheelchairs actual wolves? Doubtful. Most aren't even in wheelchairs! That's okay. Current Guild Master, Cheveyo welcomes everyone and encourages everyone to join. (We have cookies!!) Are there a few in the ranks that could be descended from Gustav or Eternity or the original wolves in that cave?

Perhaps...those records are sealed.

(1)This story is relayed by the bards of the guild if you bribe them with booze. Is it true, or is it just a way to score free beer?